Tuxedo Mask vs Jack Sparrow

Suggested by Sonic Jack may have gotten conditional immortality for a while but that will only buy him some time in this match. Tuxedo Mask is both stronger and faster than Jack and it’s difficult to win any match when the opponent has the advantage in both of these categories. Jack has a gun but I don’t see him being able to hit Mask and in terms of hand to hand combat Jack can’t bluff his way through for more than a few minutes. Tuxedo Mask wins.

Sienna Khan vs Tuxedo Mask

Suggested by Destroyer Tuxedo Mask has never been the best fighter but at the same time he never backs down from a fight either. You have to respect the guy’s bravery. It won’t be enough to do anything against Sienna of course, but it’s a nice consolation. She’ll have him down and out in under a minute and there just isn’t much that he would be able to do against her. Sienna has every possible advantage. Sienna Khan wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Sailor Venus

Suggested by Destroyer Tuxedo Mask is a skilled fighter and his throwing rose is surprisingly lethal. That being said, I think he is outmatched this time. Venus can blast his Rose away and she has the edge in close quarters combat. Mask is good, but he isn’t ready to defeat a Sailor Scout quite yet. Sailor Venus wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Beast

Tuxedo Mask is pretty strong for a human. His rose can cut through energy blasts and he has been shown to move at high speeds on occasion. It’s not all that consistent though and typically he does not look impressive by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, Beast has a decent amount of super strength and speed on his side as well. This round could really go either way which is fitting since a match this far into the blog tournament should be a close one. At the moment, I’d lean towards Beast here, but a re watch of the TV show could change that someday. Beast wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Kingpin

The tourney continues with a big match between a crime fighting vigilante and the leader of the mob. Kingpin is a pretty tough boss and he never lost his brutal strength. He evidently never stopped training, but he still doesn’t have the speed needed to deal with Tuxedo Mask. Mask was able to take on alien warriors and his rose even cut through an energy blast. A single hit could potentially be lethal to Kingpin and you can be sure that the rose will find its mark. It always does! Tuxedo Mask wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Ant

The first blog tourney is underway with round 1 beginning here. This tournament is made up of fighters with no wins so each win is massive. The Ant is a noble fighter who has tried his very best to rise up the charts, but I don’t think he has the skills needed to win this round. Tuxedo Mask has fought with aliens and has shown impressive speed over the years. He doesn’t have a whole lot of attack power, but he’s gotten by just fine. The Ant will not be able to stop him. Tuxedo Mask wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Godzilla

Godzilla - Mar 2014
Suggested by Destroyer Tuxedo Mask has returned, but things are not looking good for him here. Godzilla isn’t called the King of the Monsters for nothing and a single hit is all he would need to take down Tuxedo Mask for good. He won’t even notice Tuxedo Mask’s signature rose as it is trampled beneath him. Lets face it, a mere mortal can’t defeat this Kaiju. Godzilla wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Sailor Jupiter

Darien (1)
Suggested by Destroyer Tuxedo Mask really can’t catch a break. Sailor Jupiter is a whole lot stronger than him and won’t even need her Sailor abilities to win this round. She is already a skilled hand to hand fighter without them and adding in electricity to her moves is just overkill. Tuxedo Mask really needs to join up and become a sailor scout fast or his losses are just going to keep piling up. Sailor Jupiter wins.

Sailor Galaxia vs Tuxedo Mask

I almost didn’t want to have to see Tuxedo Mask drop another fight, but it felt worth it. He never really got to take a shot at Sailor Galaxia so now he can finally have the opportunity. That being said, it’s easy to see why he never got a turn…he’s no match for her power. Sailor Galaxia doesn’t even need any of her fancy energy blasts as a quick punch would likely win her the day. Sailor Galaxia wins.

Yami Yugi vs Tuxedo Mask

Suggested by Anon Tuxedo Mask has taken his share of losses over the years, but he always bounces back. It’ll be hard to get up for a little while after this match though because the guy is going to take a beating. Yami doesn’t even need his top tier monsters to handle Tuxedo Mask as his Dark Magician could suffice on his own. Tuxedo Mask has never been shown to be very capable in the face of a good magic attack and I don’t expect that to change now. Yami Yugi wins.