Tuxedo Mask vs Beast

Tuxedo Mask is pretty strong for a human. His rose can cut through energy blasts and he has been shown to move at high speeds on occasion. It’s not all that consistent though and typically he does not look impressive by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, Beast has a decent amount of super strength and speed on his side as well. This round could really go either way which is fitting since a match this far into the blog tournament should be a close one. At the moment, I’d lean towards Beast here, but a re watch of the TV show could change that someday. Beast wins.


2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Mask vs Beast

  1. I still think that Tuxedo Mask has a chance. While Mr. McCoy has faced his share of aliens and starry life, as well as gods, Sailor Moon characters (most of them) are heads and feet above Marvel’s Humans.

    • True, I definitely won’t deny that Tuxedo Mask has a chance. I’d say that it’s actually a pretty close fight that could go either way. I gave Beast the edge because of his heightened physical abilities, but Tuxedo Mask certainly isn’t an average human either. His Rose was able to block energy blasts after all and he’s pretty fast. He just needed a few more speed feats.

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