Beast Boy vs Penguin

It’s time for the real final match of round 1. The Penguin is a very smart villain although not as smart as some comics give him credit for. One issue actually had Batman admit that the Penguin was smarter than him and we all know that this isn’t true. Regardless, as a result, the Penguin has never achieved a real power up during the comics. There’s a chance that one exists and simply isn’t listed so feel free to let me know if you find something. Meanwhile, Beast Boy definitely takes this round for now as he can transform into some real dangerous animals and is simply a much better fighter. Beast Boy wins.


Grasshopper vs Nemo

The tourney’s first round ends with this round….or it should have. Beast Boy got sick watching too many Teen Titans Go reruns so his round with Penguin has been very temporarily postponed. Here, it looked like Nemo could have had a shot at his first victory, but it wasn’t to be. In the film Beginning of The End, Giant Grasshoppers stormed the capital and dealt major damage. That means that via composite rules, Nemo is fighting a kaiju and he wasn’t prepared for that. I certainly wasn’t either, but the film definitely sounds very intense. Grasshopper will be moving on and maybe he’ll be able to win it all! Grasshopper wins.

Alex Hopper vs Brontosaurus

This was an interesting round. According to some articles I was reading, Dinosaurs are effectively bullet proof. Not all of them, but the larger ones would be because of how thick their skin is and how little blood they would lose from getting shot. After that the question is…can Alex last long enough to do any real damage? It’s also been a while since I saw the film so I can’t remember if he got anything stronger than his sniper rifle towards the middle of the film. I can’t think of anything and the boats wouldn’t be handy here without any other crew. As of now, Brontosaurus takes the win and moves up, but this is definitely one that could change rather easily. Brontosaurus wins.

Diddy Kong vs Leader

The Tournament continues! Diddy Kong is a Smash Bros character who is actually high tier. The problem is that he isn’t a very strong character. His bananna tricks won’t do anything except slow the Leader down and his hand to hand skills aren’t good enough. Diddy Kong would need a significant speed upgrade to deal with the Leader’s Gamma Power and at that point he’d be DK. Diddy ends up dropping out of the tourney rather quickly, but best of luck for next time! Leader wins.

Beast vs Norman Bates

Day 1 of round 1 of the tournament ends here. Norman Bates knows how to attack people who can’t fight back once they have let their guard down, but that doesn’t mean that he can defeat the Beast. Beast is stronger than the average human as well as quicker. I don’t really see him going down so easily here. Norman would need quite the arsenal to stop the Beast since even a gun wouldn’t help him much. Norman just wouldn’t be able to get the shot off in time. Beast wins.

Polar Bear vs Riddler

This round of the tournament is rather easy to decide, but still heartbreaking. Polar Bears are some of the most hardcore animals out there. They can literally punch you in the face if they feel like it. That being said, Riddler knows some mild hand to hand combat and he has some gadgets as well. His scepter will be all that he needs to win this fight. Riddler wins.

Arcade vs Kingpin

Neither one of these fighters is particularly powerful, but that’s why they’re down here right? Kingpin has his cane which can fire energy blasts and is simply handy in a fight. Meanwhile Arcade has his arsenal of weapons at the ready. He won’t go down easy and can also fight hand to hand if necessary. This is definitely a tough match to decide especially since both characters can pseudo fly thanks to Age of Apocalypse. I’ll give the slight edge to Kingpin, but this could easily change if someone shows me a comic of Arcade in a cool tech suit. Kingpin wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Ant

The first blog tourney is underway with round 1 beginning here. This tournament is made up of fighters with no wins so each win is massive. The Ant is a noble fighter who has tried his very best to rise up the charts, but I don’t think he has the skills needed to win this round. Tuxedo Mask has fought with aliens and has shown impressive speed over the years. He doesn’t have a whole lot of attack power, but he’s gotten by just fine. The Ant will not be able to stop him. Tuxedo Mask wins.

My First Ever Blog Tournament!

After a lot of requests and demand for it, I’ve finally decided to do a blog tournament! The main obstacle to doing one until now was that I had to make sure the characters hadn’t fought before. Clearly, this rules out a lot of popular fights like having Superman and Thor in the same bracket since they have already battled. To prevent that from happening, I had to ensure that none of the contestants in the ring had ever fought each other before. I just grabbed people who had no wins as this was the easiest way to get started, but I’ll try and think of different themes for future events or just grabbing characters from other areas. Underrated fighters? Fire type fighters? The sky is the limit. Each tournament will probably get a brief introduction post like this one to set the stage and get the hype going. To prevent any real biases, I’ll be using randomized seedings to ensure that the matchups are completely random.

We’ll see how this does and I’ll probably tweak the intro post style here and there. I do like my style points after all.

Here’s the bracket for the first tourney and pictures of the fighters are below.