Gigan vs Brontosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer The Brontosaurus is one of the larger dinosaurs out there. This one may not be a meat eater, but he’ll definitely defend himself when the time is right. Gigan will be the one to ultimately claim victory though even if just for the fact that he can teleport thanks to his attack from Destroy All Monsters. Brontosaurus really won’t be able to keep up with such a speedy foe and will have to resign himself to defeat. Gigan wins.

Brontosaurus vs Anguirus

Suggested by Destroyer Brontosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that you don’t mess with because he seems so powerful. That is, he seems powerful until you see a genuine Kaiju which makes you back it up a little. Anguirus is simply a lot stronger than a Brontosaurus so it’s safe to say that he would take the win. Kaiju were made to be the strongest creatures in fiction and in this match that seems to be the case. Anguirus wins.

Dinosaurus! Review

It’s time to look at an old Dinosaur film that probably has one of the most creative names I’ve ever seen in the genre. Unfortunately the actual film is rather bad and you’ll just be wondering where it went wrong the whole time. The premise is decently good but the execution is pitifully bad and so you can understand why the film was forgotten.

The film starts off with a team of diggers/construction guys trying to finish a project in time but are being held up by the government. Bart is rather irritated because he had gotten the governor’s approval for the project but the second on command doesn’t want to help. He doesn’t have much of a reason for the resistance so I’m assuming that the guy just likes to be a nuisance. After all, despite the tough talk the heroes are basically powerless without him as the guy is the only one who can get mail off the island. The villain is sure to burn the letter before it can be read of course. Things get a little crazy when a Cave Man and two Dinosaurs break out of the ice and things start to get wild. Can the Bart stop the madness before the governor hears about it or will he simply be eaten!?

The film is rather loaded with plots as you see but the writers don’t know how to handle any of them. The first we should look at is the villain’s plot. It’s actually rather dark as he uses his power and influence to bend everyone to his will. The characters look the other way when the villain attempts to have his way with the maid and we also see that he is rather tough on the kid. At least the main character was in the room for the latter scene but doesn’t even land a hit on the main villain as the guy gets off with a simple warning. The villain even puts up a fake act about worrying for Julio’s safety which Bart actually buys. Bart is a whole lot more gullible than I would have suspected. As you can guess, I didn’t like the main villain and his entire character was unneeded when the dinosaur should have been the focus. Why should there be a gang of corrupt bandits on the island?

Then we have Bart. I guess the character is good at face value as he is a nice guy who wants to help out and make a difference but he is a pale imitation of any other heroic main character. There just isn’t much to him although he is probably the best character by default. Then there is the main heroine who is also fairly generic but in this case that is a bad thing as most of the old female leads weren’t exactly known for their bravery. She faints 3-5 times here and usually over nothing. We can’t forget the tripping either. This character is really just annoying.

Then we have the Cave Man who definitely isn’t a fun character. He is more heroic than the rest which is a great start but of course they play up his base desires a bit as no film can seem to keep it classy with this kind of character. I think the Cave Man should have sat this film out. The same goes for Julio who is a main character here. Despite the kid having a pretty tragic childhood this far, he doesn’t seem to have learned anything. Surely by this point he knows to stay away from the main villain right? He doesn’t seem to get this fact at all. The kid also isn’t very useful during the dinosaur fight and if anything he just holds the Brontosaurus back.

Of course the victor was never really in doubt if we are being honest. Nothing can stop the T Rex. While their role was rather small, it was still nice to see him the Dinos. Their role was rather small though and the fight was definitely brutal. That should have been toned down quite a bit to make the fight more enjoyable but in general the film should probably just avoid them fighting at all. Even with stop motion, you gotta be careful with animal fights.

I have to also point out that the roar in the film was rather odd. At first I thought it was a sound that the block added to the film but then it kept on happening so I figured out that it was real. It was a good roar, just an unexpected one. Finally, I will say that I didn’t buy into the climax. No way a T Rex is going to lose out to a little tractor machine. That’s just not happening. I was hoping the T Rex would pick up the tractor and throw it into the ravine.

Overall, Dinosaurus is not a particularly good movie. It isn’t very fun or entertaining. None of the characters were all that good and a weak cast is the first step towards a film falling down with the score. I don’t see why the film decided to add a Caveman to the mix either. I guess they really weren’t confident in their actual premise about dinosaurs. Pretty much everyone dies by the end so the heroes end up going back to the status quo. The ending would have been 100% more hype if we had heard one last roar at the end. I’ll give the film a tiny bit of credit for adding a question mark at the end.

Overall 3/10

Leader vs Brontosaurus

Brontosaurus may have won his first round, but he won’t be able to deal with the Leader’s gamma power. Leader is extremely intelligent after having been exposed to radiation. He also obtained the Hulk’s physical power for a while. While the Brontosaurus may be bullet proof for the most part, he’s not Hulk proof. The Leader wins this round soundly and is looking like a favorite to take the whole tournament. Can he do it!? Leader wins.

Alex Hopper vs Brontosaurus

This was an interesting round. According to some articles I was reading, Dinosaurs are effectively bullet proof. Not all of them, but the larger ones would be because of how thick their skin is and how little blood they would lose from getting shot. After that the question is…can Alex last long enough to do any real damage? It’s also been a while since I saw the film so I can’t remember if he got anything stronger than his sniper rifle towards the middle of the film. I can’t think of anything and the boats wouldn’t be handy here without any other crew. As of now, Brontosaurus takes the win and moves up, but this is definitely one that could change rather easily. Brontosaurus wins.

Brontosaurus vs Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander is a pretty smart mastermind for the enemies of the GI Joes. Brontosaurus is a powerful dinosaur, but I can’t say that he’s immensely smart. Cobra Commander has his mech suit at the ready and he also has a pretty neat energy gun. One good shot will take out the Brontosaurus in an instant. Cobra Commander wins.

Brontosaurus vs Pride

Fullmetal Alchemist - 49 - Large 08
The Brontosaurus is a powerful dinosaur, but it hasn’t been doing so well lately. This isn’t going to change in this match since Pride is a pretty skilled opponent. He can strike from a distance with the shadows. The Brontosaurus won’t know what hit him as he sinks through the blog ranks once again. Pride wins.

Brontosaurus vs Lust

I have a feeling that we all know who’s going to be the victor here! The Brontosaurus has already suffered quite a few losses and that’s definitely no fun for him since Records is quickly approaching. Lust is a lot quicker than the dinosaur and her claws can definitely damage him. It shouldn’t take her long to bring this match to a close. Lust wins.

Brontosaurus vs Battra

The Brontosaurus really isn’t getting a break is he? His next opponent is a pretty tough Kaiju from the Godzilla series. Battra can fire impressive energy blasts and he is physically superior to the Brontosaurus as well. This doesn’t really bode well for our favorite dinosaur and he doesn’t really have a chance to pull a comeback here. Battra wins.

Brontosaurus vs Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash finally makes her way back to the blog and she’s up against the Brontosaurus! The Brontosaurus didn’t really have any luck in his last match and that doesn’t seem to be changing here. Rainbow Dash is a lot faster than the dinosaur and she can speedblitz him with a few charges. That will knock most of the strength out of the Brontosaurus and he’ll have to admit defeat. Rainbow Dash wins.