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Brontosaurus vs Anguirus

Suggested by Destroyer Brontosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that you don’t mess with because he seems so powerful. That is, he seems powerful until you see a genuine Kaiju which makes you back it up a little. Anguirus is simply a lot stronger than a Brontosaurus so it’s safe to say that he would take the win. Kaiju were made to be the strongest creatures in fiction and in this match that seems to be the case. Anguirus wins.

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Miss Frizzle vs Anguirus

The Magic School Bus
Suggested by Destroyer You can’t help but feel bad for Miss Frizzle here. She’s one of the best teachers in all of media, but there’s no way that she can hope to defeat a Kaiju as powerful as Anguirus. This monster may not have any energy blasts, but he could simply start rolling and one hit would mean the end for Miss Frizzle. Her ingenuity and intricate planning won’t save her this time I’m afraid and surrendering is her only option. Anguirus wins.

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Anguirus vs Skeletor

Anguirus is back, but I’m afraid that he is back for a loss this time. Skeletor is simply too powerful for any Kaiju thanks to his large array of attack options. Skeletor can use one of his classic energy blasts or he can win in a fist fight. Either way, the ball is in his court and Anguirus doesn’t really stand a chance at winning this round. Skeletor wins.

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Shy Guy vs Anguirus

Shy Guy is here to try and stop the mighty Anguirus, but it is a futile effort. Anguirus will just roll all over him and that will be the end of the match. Shy Guy is many things, but tall is not one of them. He simply can’t match up to the overwhelming power of Anguirus. One roar shall end the match before Shy Guy can think of a plan to win. Anguirus wins.

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Cheep Cheep vs Anguirus

Cheep Cheep has come to face off against a powerful Kaiju! Anguirus has been on a roll as of late, but this will be his final battle for the day. This means that he must make it count and there is no fish that can stop him now! Cheep Cheeps make for fun enemies in the Mario titles and they are very resourceful, but I don’t believe that one of them would be a match for Anguirus. A swarm of them is another story…. Anguirus wins.

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Anguirus vs Chunk

The Chunk is ready for some action! He has a gun and his teleportation abilities can also come in handy here. That being said, Anguirus should still have the edge thanks to his sheer size and powerful roar. The Chunk has bitten off more than he can chew with this round and this loss will make him think twice before challenging another Kaiju! Anguirus wins.

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Gloomba vs Anguirus

Anguirus rox
Anguirus has another foe to defeat and that would be the impressive Gloomba! Gloomba is a foe that you typically do not want to mess with, but Anguirus just needs to put his foot down and that will be the end of the match. Gloomba is not very fast or particularly powerful so he is not a threat to this Kaiju. Anguirus is one of the original Kaiju so his reputation precedes him. Anguirus wins.

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Kraven 2 vs Anguirus

Anguirus is back and he really wants another win. It can be very tough to keep this Kaiju down for very long and his record will start to grow once more. Kraven 2 is essentially a watered down version of Kraven. Unlike his father, this Kraven’s abilities are natural, but also less impressive. A few good roars from Anguirus will likely take this guy out of the fight. Anguirus wins.

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Lady Octopus vs Anguirus

Anguirus is back, but I’m afraid that he won’t be able to score two wins in a row this time! Lady Octopus is too formidable thanks to her protective barriers. Her tentacles are very powerful and they will deal some damage to Anguirus wit every hit. Eventually, even this Kaiju will crumble and Lady Octopus will have scored her win. It is a close fight as a good hit from Anguirus could still end the match, but her force fields should hold. Lady Octopus wins.

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Anguirus vs Lady Kraven

Lady Kraven has a decent amount of strength and speed at her disposal. It isn’t much when compared to many other villains, but this certainly puts her above the average mortal. That being said, the same could be said of good ole Anguirus as one stomp would be enough to defeat the traditional foe. His sonic roar should be enough to keep Lady Kraven away and ultimately defeat her. Anguirus wins.