Anguirus vs Edward (Twilight)

Suggested by Destroyer Anguirus has some pretty sharp spikes so he should be able to just crush Edward with a rolling attack. Edward’s got speed on his side but I don’t think it will ultimately be enough to win here. He still needs some way to deliver decisive damage to his opponent and Anguirus has enough durability to take those hits for a while. Edward would need some kind of special weapon in order for him to claim victory here. Anguirus wins.

Marshmallow Man vs Edward (Twilight)

Suggested by Destroyer Marshmallow Man is really huge and certainly an imposing villain for most fighters but he doesn’t have any great long range options which is usually Edward’s weakness. While Edward isn’t quite Superman, he does have some super speed and strength. I definitely see him chipping away at Marshmallow Man’s defense throughout the battle until he eventually takes in the win. Marshmallow Man doesn’t have any attacks that are fast enough to turn the tables here. Edward (Twilight) wins.

King Ghidorah vs Edward (Twilight)

Suggested by Destroyer Edward is fast so he could potentially land some blows here but ultimately his physical strength really isn’t all that. He generally has trouble with most of his opponents and will have a hard time breaking through Ghidorah’s defenses. Perhaps it’s possible that the damage would add up eventually but not before Ghidorah is able to land a blow of his own and take the guy down. King Ghidorah wins.

Edward (Twilight) vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Sonic Luke Skywalker is a Jedi Master. While he may have had his share of losses over the years, he will easily be able to dispatch Edward. Edward has super speed and a little strength but it’s not enough here. Luke can throw him around with the Force and a single hit from his Lightsaber would win him the match. Edward won’t be able to get close and has no good long range options to counter Luke’s advantage. Luke Skywalker wins.

Edward (Twilight) vs Daniel LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso is a pretty good hand to hand fighter, but he’s thoroughly outmatched here. Edward has some basic super speed at the ready and that’s going to be enough to win this round. Daniel is only mortal and he has no special abilities to really push him over the top. It’s going to be a long match for him! Edward (Twilight) wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Edward (Twilight)

Jason Voorhees is back and this time he’s up against Edward! I think Ed has the speed advantage in this fight, but Jason Voorhees’s regeneration skills will come in handy. Plus, with his super strength, some good hits should do good. Edward puts up a decent fight, but loses in the end. Jason Voorhees wins.

Edward (Twilight) vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 is definitely a fighter. Edward (Twilight) tries to be tough, but in the end he’ll never be in Spiderman 2099’s league. Edward has some mild super speed and power, but in the end that’s not enough. Spiderman 2099 has dealt with foes much stronger than Edward (Twilight). Spiderman 2099 wins.