Spiderman 2099 vs Chewbacca

Suggested by Sonic Chewbacca has a gun and some super strength but that’s nothing new for Spiderman 2099. He’s dealt with a ton of powerful opponents over the years and has always risen to the occasion. Chewbacca just isn’t ready for that kind of ability and will quickly fall here. He won’t be able to land any of his blaster shots while 2099 will be able to land combo after combo at will. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Spiderman 2099 vs Yukio

Suggested by Destroyer Yukio was a pretty fun character in the Wolverine anime. She’s quick and definitely knows how to fight in hand to hand combat. I would argue that her skills are better than 2099’s. However, he has the better stats. While I don’t believe his physical abilities are quite as high as Spider-Man’s, the guy was able to take Venom out in about 2 hits and also has some other skills like a paralysis attack. His tech is solid and will bump up his defense as well. This could be a fairly close fight but at the same time I don’t see Yukio being able to put this guy away while 2099 has a lot of good options to snag the win. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Ultron vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 is back and he’s always ready to rumble, but he definitely doesn’t stand a chance against someone as powerful as Ultron! Ultron has laser blasts that are extremely dangerous and one good punch can do some lethal damage. Spiderman 2099 won’t be able to keep up with him for long. Ultron wins.

Spiderman 2099 vs Beast (Disney)

Spiderman 2099 is pretty athletic and can really pack a punch on whatever poor soul he decides to beat on! Beast (Disney) can hold his own and all, but in the end I don’t think he would be able to take down good ole Spidey. Spiderman 2099 has taken many guys down in the past. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Nightcrawler vs Spiderman 2099

One of those super close fights that leaves you spinning. Spidey has the edge in tech, thanks to Mholnir, but that’s still not enough too beat Nightcrawler…or is it! Spiderman 2099 has his hand to hand skills, but Nightcrawler has sword skills and teleporting. So after a long fight…….Spiderman 2099 wins.

Diddy Kong vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 has his hand to hand skills. Diddy Kong is athletic, but he wouldn’t be able to last against Spiderman 2099. Diddy Kong lacks the power ups and power need to take down Spiderman 2099. Spiderman 2099 takes this win, but it has shown him that Diddy was tough…and almost won. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs Spiderman 2099

Drax The Destroyer is finally back to fight in the blog after all this time. His power is pretty intense and he has fought with guys like Thanos. Spiderman 2099 may have mjolnir, but in the end that’s not enough to take down Drax The Destroyer. Drax The Destroyer gets his first win. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Deathbird vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 has his athletic skills and his super strength. Deathbird can fly, but in the end that may not be enough to win. Spiderman 2099 takes this match and gets another win. He’s nearly out of matches…will he make it? Either way Deathbird drops down the blog rankings. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Wendigo vs Spiderman 2099

This is a pretty tight match. In a hand to hand fight Spiderman 2099 should have the advantage, but if Wendigo gets a lucky hit things could get ugly. What helps Spiderman 2099 is that he has Thor’s Hammer. With it he could take down Wendigo, but it would be pretty close. Wendigo drops down the blog. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Harley Quinn vs Spiderman 2099

Harley Quinn is back, but she’s not back for a win this time. Spiderman 2099 is just too powerful. There are none who fight as hard as he does. Spiderman 2099 has super strength and agility that gives him this win. Harley Quinn takes a loss, but one day she’ll be back…and this time she’ll win. Spiderman 2099 wins.