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Deathbird vs Moondragon

Suggested by Sonic Deathbird has a cool set of armor and she is an excellent hand to hand fighter. She would be able to give Moondragon a fair fight in that arena. Ultimately that wouldn’t be enough to win the day though. Moondragon has psychic abilities at her disposal that put her in another tier and she also has her energy shields. When you put those two things together then Deathbird doesn’t really stand much of a chance. She’s just out of attack options. Moondragon wins.

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Pip The Troll vs Deathbird

Suggested by Sonic Pip The Troll is one of those characters who appeared a whole lot back in the day but never really gets much to do in the current comics. He can’t really fight much so I don’t think people tend to miss him very much. He did receive some super strength in Infinity Watch, but that’s not enough to stop Deathbird. She has a solid array of powerful moves and can fly at high speeds which makes it difficult for Pip’s teleportation to do much of anything. He’s outgunned in this round. Deathbird wins.

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Killer Frost vs Deathbird

Killer Frost has her ice powers and they can be a big help on the field. Deathbird can fly and has been said to be on Gladiator level, but I’m not sure I buy that. She’s lacking in the projectiles department and gets frozen in this round. One day Deathbird will be back to pwn. Killer Frost wins.

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Deathbird vs Spiderman 2099

Spiderman 2099 has his athletic skills and his super strength. Deathbird can fly, but in the end that may not be enough to win. Spiderman 2099 takes this match and gets another win. He’s nearly out of matches…will he make it? Either way Deathbird drops down the blog rankings. Spiderman 2099 wins.