Deathbird vs Man Bat

Suggested by Sonic Man Bat has some super strength and he can use his momentum to great effect but that’s not going to be enough to beat Deathbird. While we rarely seem to ever see her win, her armor does have a good amount of fire power. She can fly faster than Man Bat and hit harder. Throw in her long range options and I don’t see any way for Man Bat to even come close to pulling off an upset victory. Deathbird wins.

Freddy Krueger vs Man Bat

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close fight. Man Bat has some super strength and speed at his disposal but not much else. Freddy has some mild strength but Man Bat does outclass him there. Where things get tricky is Freddy once merged with a demonic being which gave him the power to shoot fire blasts which were strong enough to destroy small buildings in a single shot. Mix that in with his regenerative abilities and I don’t believe Man Bat could take him down before getting burned. Freddy Krueger wins.

Atrocitus vs Man Bat

Suggested by Sonic Atrocitus is a very powerful DC villain and it’s safe to say that he is well above Man Bat’s weight class. There isn’t a whole lot that Man Bat can do against such an opponent. A single energy blast from the Red Lantern ring would send Man Bat flying. Atrocitus can also fly at far greater speeds than Man Bat which is basically game over for the fighter. Atrocitus wins.

Man Bat vs Zero

This is a tribute to Justice League Gods and Monsters. Man Bat thought that he could take up the mantle of Batman, but he was mistaken. It was simply too much for him. Zero once stated that he never claimed to be a hero as he does tend to destroy all of his opponents. I appreciate the honesty there unlike “Batman” thinking that he is one of the good guys. Zero is easily more heroic anyway and a quick blast from his arm cannon will put an end to this fight. Zero wins.

Shaggy vs Man Bat

ManBat Shaggy
Shaggy has been through a lot in the last few years. He has solved many crimes and he has even gone up against wrestlers. You could say that it has all been leading up to this one fight! Shaggy might be able to endure the first blow, but that is about it for him. Man Bat wins.

Update 2/5/2022 due to Shazam mode, Shaggy wins this. That strength is just too good! Shaggy wins.

Batman vs Man Bat

Man Bat makes his debut onto the blog and now he’s ready to deal with the Dark Knight! If Batman did not have any prep time, then this fight could have been a close one, but he’s definitely above Man Bat’s league at this point. Man Bat has some decent super strength, but he’s basically just a flying version of Bane so Batman knows how to deal with him. One GL Punch and Batman wins the round! Batman wins.