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Man Bat vs Zero

This is a tribute to Justice League Gods and Monsters. Man Bat thought that he could take up the mantle of Batman, but he was mistaken. It was simply too much for him. Zero once stated that he never claimed to be a hero as he does tend to destroy all of his opponents. I appreciate the honesty there unlike “Batman” thinking that he is one of the good guys. Zero is easily more heroic anyway and a quick blast from his arm cannon will put an end to this fight. Zero wins.

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Shaggy vs Man Bat

ManBat Shaggy
Shaggy has been through a lot in the last few years. He has solved many crimes and he has even gone up against wrestlers. You could say that it has all been leading up to this one fight! Shaggy might be able to endure the first blow, but that is about it for him. Man Bat wins.

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Batman vs Man Bat

Man Bat makes his debut onto the blog and now he’s ready to deal with the Dark Knight! If Batman did not have any prep time, then this fight could have been a close one, but he’s definitely above Man Bat’s league at this point. Man Bat has some decent super strength, but he’s basically just a flying version of Bane so Batman knows how to deal with him. One GL Punch and Batman wins the round! Batman wins.