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Eevee vs Zero

Suggested by Anonymous Eevee is a fun Pokemon and he certainly has a lot of forms. Espeon and Umbreon are particularly powerful, but they won’t be able to do much of anything against Zero. Zero’s got his Z Saber and a ton of super forms at the ready as well. There isn’t a single stat where he doesn’t completely outclass Eevee. At that point there’s really not much Eevee can hope to do in order to keep this fight close. Zero wins.

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Ridley vs Zero

Suggested by Sonic Ridley is a pretty powerful dragon who is also quite fast, but that doesn’t mean much against an S rank Maverick Hunter like Zero. Zero can easily outfight Ridley and he has the tools to do this very easily. He’s able to fight against aerial dynamic fighters as well as grounded ones with his Z Saber and Z Buster. Ridley will have a hard time dealing any damage to Zero in comparison and I think this will quickly become a blowout. Zero wins.

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Man Bat vs Zero

This is a tribute to Justice League Gods and Monsters. Man Bat thought that he could take up the mantle of Batman, but he was mistaken. It was simply too much for him. Zero once stated that he never claimed to be a hero as he does tend to destroy all of his opponents. I appreciate the honesty there unlike “Batman” thinking that he is one of the good guys. Zero is easily more heroic anyway and a quick blast from his arm cannon will put an end to this fight. Zero wins.

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Zero vs Kaguro

Zero is one of the strongest Megaman characters and he has dozens of abilities at his disposal. It is hard to see him being defeated by anyone at Kaguro’s level. Kaguro is skilled, but Zero easily outclasses him in speed as well as raw power. Essentially, anything that Kaguro can do, Zero can do better. The Maverick Hunter is still going strong! Zero wins.

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Zero vs Mukuro

Mukuro has a lot of strong illusions and his ability to make them real is very potent. That being said, that is nowhere near enough to take out a foe of Zero’s caliber. Zero would be able to land multiple hits before Mukuro could really do anything. Mukuro will also have a very tough time dealing any meaningful damage here while Zero only needs 1-2 hits to win the match. Zero wins.

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Cornelius vs Zero

Cornelius may talk a good game, but he won’t be able to beat Zero. Zero is pretty well defended thanks to his armor and no bullet stands a chance of hurting him. Zero has many abilities at his disposal and they are more than enough for this match. Cornelius may have lost this battle, but maybe he shall be back someday. Zero wins.

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George Taylor vs Zero

George Taylor tried his best to show us why he could be a good character, but I can’t say that I was a fan of him. He lacked the character development needed to be a real threat and he has a pretty weak resistance to telepathic abilities. Zero is much faster than George Taylor and a single sword strike should be enough to take him down for the count. Zero wins.

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Zira vs Zero

This is a tribute to Escape From The Planet of The Apes! Zira may be the smart Ape of the group, but she’s really no match against someone like Zero. Zero’s an S Rank Maverick Hunter and he has many abilities. A simple flame slash would be enough to defeat Zira and earn Zero a nice spot on the rankings. Zero wins.

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John Brent vs Zero

This is a tribute to Beneath The Planet of The Apes! John Brent may be a survivor, but he’s no match for Zero. Zero has his Z Saber and a whole lot of experience at his side. John Brent’s gun wouldn’t be able to pierce Zero’s armor and Zero’s speed would just be too much for him. John Brent is just going to need to take a loss. Zero wins.

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Frodo vs Zero

Frodo was very weak willed and he couldn’t make the right calls when the going got tough. That’s why he just needed another loss. Zero could easily end the round with a single slash and Frodo just wouldn’t be able to evade. He lacks the speed that would be necessary for such a feat. Zero is definitely one of the cooler robots out there and he rises up the blog ranks. Zero wins.