Zero (Conan) vs Zero

Zero (Conan) has returned but he can’t win this round. He is an exceptionally skilled detective and knows his way around a fight. There aren’t many fighters who have such an all around skillset. At the same time, this guy is only a human while at the end of the day the Zero we all know from the X series is a maverick hunter. He can destroy whole cities in the blink of an eye and has enough speed to move without being seen by human eyes. This round will be over in the blink of an eye. Zero wins.

Zero (Conan) vs Richard Moore

Richard and Zero are both detectives but I think it’s easy to see who the more skilled character is as soon as you read the Conan series. Richard mostly wins his cases by luck or with a ton of help. Zero manages balancing being a detective with being a cafe owner and a whole lot of other things. His hand to hand skills are in a completely different league from Richard’s and he is also an expert with firearms. Richard won’t even be getting close to him. Zero (Conan) wins.