Mukuro vs Riku

Suggested by Destroyer This is a close battle. Riku has mastered the powers of light and dark but hasn’t really gotten to show off his abilities quite as extensively as Sora. With Sora we’ve seen him in final form, mastered state, and a bunch of other cool forms. Riku mostly sticks to basics but he has his share of spells and techniques from Chain of Memories and KH III. I see this one going down to the wire but Riku should have just enough speed and power to cut through Mukuro’s illusions and land a decisive blow. Riku wins.

Kaguro vs Mukuro

Suggested by Destroyer Mukuro’s illusions are very dangerous to be sure but I don’t think he is fast enough to stop Kaguro. Kaguro’s whole edge is in his speed and while Mukuro can react to fast attacks, he isn’t exactly one of the speedier fighters. He would have a hard time trying to get his stage set in time and Kaguro just needs a few good swings to cut him down. Ultimately this is where Mukuro will end up falling. Kaguro wins.

Mukuro vs Yoh

Suggested by Sonic Mukuro has a lot of powerful illusions at his disposal and he can also make them tangible which is a really useful ability for any illusion user. That said, he won’t be able to defeat Yoh here. Yoh still has the overall edge in power, speed, and durability. Mukuro would have a very hard time tracking Yoh at any point and would instantly get overwhelmed once Yoh got serious. The difference in their fighting potential is too vast. Yoh wins.

Mukuro vs Kimimaro

Both of these fighters couldn’t be any more different. Kimimaro attacks with a lot of physical options involving his spikes. He’s a fast fighter who attacks with decisive blows. Meanwhile Mukuro is an illusion master who has some pretty good physical moves, but that’s not really his forte. His illusions can become very real so it is hard to stop him. Right now I’m leaning towards Kimimaro but as with many matches in this tournament it is one that could really go either way. Kimimaro wins.

Zero vs Mukuro

Mukuro has a lot of strong illusions and his ability to make them real is very potent. That being said, that is nowhere near enough to take out a foe of Zero’s caliber. Zero would be able to land multiple hits before Mukuro could really do anything. Mukuro will also have a very tough time dealing any meaningful damage here while Zero only needs 1-2 hits to win the match. Zero wins.