Lightning vs Kimimaro

Bones probably don’t conduct electricity all that much so that should help Lightning. I can’t say that I know much about bones though. Kimimaro is very fast in his awakened form and he might surpass Lightning there. What will help her fight back is Lightning’s array of spells and elemental attacks. Kimimaro can’t carelessly rush her or he’ll get hit and staying from afar will be dangerous as well. Odin might be a little less useful here than usual since he’ll have a tough time landing attacks but every bit helps. I think Kimimaro just doesn’t have enough attack options here and Lightning certainly has more combat experience. Lightning wins.

Mukuro vs Kimimaro

Both of these fighters couldn’t be any more different. Kimimaro attacks with a lot of physical options involving his spikes. He’s a fast fighter who attacks with decisive blows. Meanwhile Mukuro is an illusion master who has some pretty good physical moves, but that’s not really his forte. His illusions can become very real so it is hard to stop him. Right now I’m leaning towards Kimimaro but as with many matches in this tournament it is one that could really go either way. Kimimaro wins.

Segata Sanshiro vs Kimimaro

Segata Sanshiro is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and he even has some energy abilities to back him up. He is skilled as you can probably guess from his record. Still, Kimimaro is just a lot more powerful. He’s a ninja whose abilities transcend that of most mortals. His strength and speed are just unreal and Segata will quickly start to get overwhelmed. He won’t be able to keep his proper form during the stress of this match and that’s when Kimimaro will finish him off. Kimimaro wins.

Ukon vs Kimimaro

Kimimaro’s bone powers are as intense as powers get. There aren’t many fighters who can say they’ve fought Kimimaro and lived. Kimimaro ends his part of this arc with another solid win over Ukon. Ukon is tough, but not nearly as tough as Kimimaro. Kimimaro is the strongest Sound 5 member. Kimimaro wins.

Sakon vs Kimimaro

Sakon never got to show how tough he is. Against Kiba mostly he just chased after him. Kimimaro showed us exactly how powerful he is by taking down Rock Lee and Naruto. Kimimaro’s hand to hand skills are far superior to Sakon’s and Kimimaro wouldn’t even break a sweat. Sakon takes a loss. Kimimaro wins.

Kimimaro vs Kidomaru

Kidomaru may be one of the strongest Sound 5 members, but he’s still not even close to Kimimaro in terms of power. Kimimaro has his bones and his impressive hand to hand skills to defend himself. Kimimaro is almost done with the arc now. He’s had a good run and will be remembered. Kimimaro wins.

Tayuya vs Kimimaro

Tayuya has a flute and can use it to fight back against Kimimaro. While this may hold him off for a quarter of a second he’ll use his bones to take her down. His bones can be fired from a distance and are very tough to dodge. Tayuya doesn’t have the skills to fight someone like Kimimaro. Kimimaro wins.

Kimimaro vs Jirobo

This is the start of the Sound 5 Arc. Jirobo may be tough, but he’s not nearly as tough as Kimimaro. Kimimaro has bone powers plus his hand to hand is on part with experts like Rock Lee. Kimimaro could defeat Jirobo without having to transform. Jirobo loses this round, but he’ll be back. Kimimaro wins.