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Ibara Shiozaki vs Tayuya

Suggested by iKnowledge
Ibara Shiozaki has a fighting style similar to Gaara’s. She doesn’t move around a whole lot, but she doesn’t need to as her vines will do all of the work. They can move very quickly and trapping opponents is what Ibara does best. She will have a difficult time here though because of Tayuya’s 3 giants. Ibara won’t be able to restrain all of them and they are strong enough to destroy the vines and allow Tayuya to easily get within range of victory. Tayuya is more experienced in battle and her abilities are a natural counter to Ibara’s. Tayuya wins.

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Konohamaru vs Tayuya

Suggested by Sonic Konohamaru has come a long way from when he was a kid back in the original Naruto series. Tayuya gave Shikamaru a hard fight and is a dangerous foe if you give her too much room to work with. That being said, I don’t believe she would fare well against Konohamaru. He’s grown to be at least as strong as Naruto was at that point of the series and you could make a fair case that he is even stronger. He’ll be able to get up close and land the Rasengan before her servants are able to stop him. Konohamaru wins.

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Jirobo vs Tayuya

The final match of the arc. Jirobo may be strong, but he lacks speed. Tayuya has enough speed to dodge him while playing her flute. When she summons the giant humanoids Jirobo has no chance. Tayuya gets her first win. Jirobo can’t say the same as he falls past the 0-4’s. Jirobo might get a win someday. Tayuya wins.

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Kidomaru vs Tayuya

Tayuya may have her flute, but it won’t be enough to take down Kidomaru. His long range abilities are just too much for her. In the end Tayuya just wasn’t able to handle his power. Tayuya will be back to fight again soon. As for Kidomaru, he only has one fight left so he needs to win. Kidomaru wins.

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Tayuya vs Ukon

Tayuya has her flute, plus the summoning monsters, but Ukon still has the edge in this fight. His physical abilities are much better than hers. Tayuya gets another loss, but Ukon rises into the blog and is finally catching up with his losses. Of course he only has 2 matches to go so he better make them count. Ukon wins.

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Tayuya vs Kimimaro

Tayuya has a flute and can use it to fight back against Kimimaro. While this may hold him off for a quarter of a second he’ll use his bones to take her down. His bones can be fired from a distance and are very tough to dodge. Tayuya doesn’t have the skills to fight someone like Kimimaro. Kimimaro wins.