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Konohamaru vs Tayuya

Suggested by Sonic Konohamaru has come a long way from when he was a kid back in the original Naruto series. Tayuya gave Shikamaru a hard fight and is a dangerous foe if you give her too much room to work with. That being said, I don’t believe she would fare well against Konohamaru. He’s grown to be at least as strong as Naruto was at that point of the series and you could make a fair case that he is even stronger. He’ll be able to get up close and land the Rasengan before her servants are able to stop him. Konohamaru wins.

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Konohamaru vs Cortana

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Cortana is a very smart being, but she just won’t be able to overcome Konohamaru’s raw power. Konohamaru has his Rasengan and even a good fire jutsu at his disposal. Cortana just won’t be able to stop Konohamaru or keep up with his speed. Konohamaru’s never shown a lot of potential, but he became powerful off screen. Konohamaru wins.

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Setsuna F Seiei vs Konohamaru

Setsuna F Seiei is back and he’s up against Konohamaru! Konohamaru has his Rasengan which he can use to take many fighters down. Still, it won’t be enough to take this fellow down. Setsuna F Seiei has a powerful mecha and with it he can rise up the blog ranks. Setsuna F Seiei wins.

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Konohamaru vs Sasuke

Konohamaru may know how to use the Rasengan, but in the end it’s not enough to defeat Sasuke. Sasuke has the sharingan and with it he could blow away all who stand before him. Sasuke is unbeatable and has showed this many times. There is no being who can defeat him and now he will rise to the top of the blog. Sasuke wins.

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Naruto vs Konohamaru

Konohamaru has always tried to be as cool as Naruto. One day he may even surpass him. Of course that’s not gonna happen, but he will keep on trying. Naruto has the power of the 9 Tailed Fox and with it he can defeat nearly any character in existence. Konohamaru just doesn’t have enough power to win. Naruto wins.