Snake Eyes vs Venom

Suggested by Destroyer Snake Eyes is definitely a skilled ninja who is always around to save the rest of the GI Joe squad. Still, he will not be able to compete with Venom here as he is simply too powerful. Venom won’t even get hurt by the sword all that much and will be able to trap Snake Eyes in place if the ninja attempts such a tactic. Throw in his nearly unbreakable webbing and you have a very tough fight to make headway in. Venom wins.

Dracena vs Venom

Suggested by Destroyer Dracena is a strong dragon. I just wanted to put that out there. That being said, he isn’t very quick and Venom is quite agile. A few web shots will restrict Dracena further as Venom goes in for the win. Dracena’s armor will allow him to stay in the game for a time but with no means to counter it is inevitable that he shall fall. Venom wins.

Venom vs Kraven

Kraven is a pretty good hunter, but even he should know that the predator is typically the prey in disguise. Venom is a natural born hunter and he slays anything that gets in his way. Kraven will quickly be outmaneuvered here and also overpowered. Venom has the critical edges that matter here and he shall not be stopped. Venom wins.

Sonic vs Venom

Venom is a pretty powerful Spiderman villain, but he’s outmatched against Sonic. Sonic has a lot of super speed at his disposal and he can transform into Super Sonic! In this form, Sonic is far too powerful for Venom and he would be able to defeat the Symbiote with ease. Venom would not be able to keep up with Sonic’s movements and he wouldn’t be able to endure the hedgehog’s punishing blows. Sonic wins.

Ghost Rider vs Venom

This would definitely be a pretty great fight. Venom has gone up against the likes of Superman in the past and Ghost Rider has taken on the Hulk when he was in his World War Hulk form. In this case, Venom’s versatility and powerful moves should give him the edge. Ghost Rider’s chain attacks are strong, but they are not very quick, which will give Venom the edge that he needs to win. Both of these fighters have a lot of durability so it should be a long match. Venom wins.

Doomsday vs Venom

Venom had a lot of muscle power back in the 90’s and he sized up well against heavy hitters like Doomsday and the Hulk. That being said, he wouldn’t be able to take Doomsday down. Doomsday’s defense is very solid (Despite what the New 52 would have you believe) and it will take a lot of hits to bring him down. Venom doesn’t have that kind of power and he can give Doomsday a good fight…but he’ll ultimately be defeated. Doomsday wins.

Blackout vs Venom

Blackout is a pretty good Ghost Rider villain. He’s got hand to hand skills and super strength. Not to mention his speed! Still, it won’t be enough to take on someone as powerful as Venom! Venom has taken over many opponents and will keep taking more over as he continues to pwn in the comics. Venom wins.

Gemini Saga vs Venom

Gemini Saga is back and this time he’s up against Venom! Venom is pretty powerful, but can he take on someone as powerful as Gemini Saga? I don’t think so. Gemini Saga has some pretty good speed and power on his side, plus his energy attacks are not too be underestimated. Gemini Saga wins.

Godzilla vs Venom

Godzilla is back and he’s back to pwn. Or get pwned anyway! Godzilla is big and powerful, but in the end he’s no match for Venom. Venom has his symbiotic power and speed. With those abilities at his disposal, Venom is not someone you want to mess with. He’s just too powerful! Venom wins.