Mysterio vs Kraven

Suggested by Sonic Mysterio and Kraven are both pretty popular Spider-Man villains. Mysterio once obtained the Symbiote suit which greatly increased his physical abilities. I know Kraven was hinted at getting the suit in a Life Story preview, but I don’t know if he ever did. This is a fight that could still go either way with Kraven’s excellent hunting techniques but at the end of the day I believe Mysterio is better prepared to win this round. His illusion tech will help him keep Kraven off balance while he lands the finishing blows with his symbiote strength. Mysterio wins.

Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Kraven

Suggested by Sonic Kraven is a skilled hunter, but he doesn’t have the same level of expertise and skill as Michelangelo. Mikey may not be the best hand to hand fighter, but he’s had some good power ups like when he became a super turtle. In that form it’s safe to say that Kraven wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance. He would very quickly be crushed by Michelangelo and the turtle’s onslaught of powerful attacks. How can you beat the Saint Turtle after all? Michelangelo (1970’s) wins.

Silver Samurai vs Kraven

Suggested by Sonic Kraven is a very fierce hunter and you have to give him some props for taking down a lot of skilled opponents back in the day. Still, he isn’t quite ready for the Silver Samurai. Silver Samurai has a sword that can slice through just about anything and he was quick enough to easily take Wolverine down in one of their encounters. His fighting speed is incredible and in short there isn’t much that Kraven could do to defend himself against such an opponent. This time the hunter will become the hunted. Silver Samurai wins.

Carnage vs Kraven

Kraven has already lost to one symbiote so it’s only natural that he loses to the other one! Carnage is a savage opponent who holds nothing back as he charged into his opponents. Kraven can try to be an aggressive fighter as well, but he doesn’t have Carnage’s symbiotic healing abilities to back him up. Their durability levels are simply too spread apart. Carnage wins.

Venom vs Kraven

Kraven is a pretty good hunter, but even he should know that the predator is typically the prey in disguise. Venom is a natural born hunter and he slays anything that gets in his way. Kraven will quickly be outmaneuvered here and also overpowered. Venom has the critical edges that matter here and he shall not be stopped. Venom wins.

Lazerman vs Kraven

Kraven is a pretty good hunter, but nobody who tries to hunt Lazerman gets away with it! Lazerman has power that’s far beyond Kraven’s comprehension. His speed is superior and one good blast should be enough ton take Kraven down for the count. At least Kraven put up a brave fight. Lazerman wins.

Thor vs Kraven

Thor Deviant Saga #1 cover
Kraven is a pretty skilled hunter who’s taken on guys like Black Panther and Spiderman in the past! Definitely an impressive feat, but when you’re up against someone like Thor it doesn’t really matter much. Thor could take down Kraven with a single blow. Thor gets another win with this round! Thor wins.

Spiderman vs Kraven

Spiderman is back with his web slinging action. Kraven doesn’t stand a chance against Spidey. Spiderman has the symbiote suit which increases his power and speed. Spiderman is not easily defeated and with the Phoenix Force and the Power Cosmic Kraven can’t match Spiderman’s raw power. Kraven may be back someday, but will he be able to win that battle or suffer another loss? Spiderman wins.