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Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Kraven

Suggested by Sonic Kraven is a skilled hunter, but he doesn’t have the same level of expertise and skill as Michelangelo. Mikey may not be the best hand to hand fighter, but he’s had some good power ups like when he became a super turtle. In that form it’s safe to say that Kraven wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance. He would very quickly be crushed by Michelangelo and the turtle’s onslaught of powerful attacks. How can you beat the Saint Turtle after all? Michelangelo (1970’s) wins.

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Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Peter Griffin

Michelangelo has definitely fared the worst from all of the TMNT characters. He definitely does tend to lose his composure in the middle of a fight as his thoughts drift towards pizza. Still, he is more than a match for someone like Peter Griffin. Griffin was never even close to being a decent character and at the very least Michelangelo has some combat skills. I can’t say the same for Peter. Michelangelo (1970’s) wins.

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Kimberly Ann Hart vs Michelangelo (1970’s)

Michelangelo is a quick fighter and his nunchucks can definitely do a lot of damage. That being said, Kimberly has her blaster and her sharkcycle can go very fast. Michelangelo will have a tough time trying to take her down for the count. He’s just a little outmatched in this fight and Kimberly Ann Hart will ultimately be able to claim victory. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

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Michelangelo (1970s) vs Trini Kwan

Michelangelo (1970s) is a pretty tough turtle and he does have some pretty good close combat skills at his disposal. He manages to use his one liners to gain an advantage over the enemy, but it’ll be tough for that to overwhelm Trini. She definitely has a lot of options thanks to her blaster. Long range or close range, Trini is always ready! Trini Kwan wins.

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Zack Taylor vs Michelangelo (1970s)

Zack Taylor is back and he got a short break after beating the other turtles. Michelangelo is a quick hand to hand fighter, but he cant match up against Zack’s overall ability from short or long range. This is likely Zack’s final match for a while so it’s good that he was able to leave with a solid win. Zack Taylor wins.

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Jason Lee Scott vs Michelangelo (1970’s)

Jaso Lee Scott is back and he’s up against the third member of the Ninja Turtles! Michelangelo (1970’s) can be pretty lethal with his nunchuks, but that won’t be enough to overpower Scott’s blade of justice and truth. At this rate, Jason may be able to defeat the entire group of turtles and that’s quite a feat! Jason Lee Scott wins.

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Michelangelo (1970’s) vs Kaiba

This is a tribute to TMNT 2. Michelangelo (1970’s) didn’t look too great and naturally loses to Kaiba. Kaiba is just too powerful not to lose. Michelangelo (1970’s) knows some very mild hand to hand, but it won’t help. Kaiba wins.