Guyver vs Kimberly Ann Hart

Suggested by Anonymous This match plays out effectively just like the last two. Kimberly’s expert martial art skills will not be able to overcome Guyver’s vast raw power or his energy attacks. This isn’t a particularly good matchup for her and I think she will realize this very quickly. Guyver won’t need his final armor for this battle and will likely wrap up the fight very efficiently. Guyver wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Leonardo

Leonardo may have a sword at the ready, but it won’t faze Kimberly Ann Hart. She has been through many dangerous situations in the past and nothing will deter her at this point. Kimberly Ann Hart may end up being one of the more hardcore fighters on the blog and this match will only help her to rise up the ranks. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Michelangelo (1970’s)

Michelangelo is a quick fighter and his nunchucks can definitely do a lot of damage. That being said, Kimberly has her blaster and her sharkcycle can go very fast. Michelangelo will have a tough time trying to take her down for the count. He’s just a little outmatched in this fight and Kimberly Ann Hart will ultimately be able to claim victory. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Donatello

Kimberly Ann Hart is back and now she’s up against Donatello! He may be a skilled turtle and his staff can be deadly, but Kimberly has fought stronger opponents in the past. Her Zord has some solid projectiles at the ready and her hand to hand skills are enough to match up pretty well against him. Donatello is going to need to settle for a loss this time. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Bass

Bass is back to take down another Power Ranger! Kimberly Ann Hart has her blaster at the ready, but Bass has a barrier which can block the attack and he can also just reflect the blast. Her Zords won’t really be able to help either since Bass is much faster than them. He can end the round in an instant and that would be game over. Bass wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Raphael

Kimberly Ann Hart makes her debut onto the blog with this round and Raphael may not stand a chance. He does have some pretty good close combat skills, but Kimberly Ann Hart has her bow so she’s a threat from long range as well. Once she’s on her shark motorcycle, Raphael will have a very tough time trying to keep up with her. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.