Scorpion King vs Donatello

Suggested by Destroyer The Scorpion King is a tough adversary for most humans. Donatello’s no human though and he can move quite fast. His staff will allow him to slam the Scorpion King with a lot of great combos with no problem at all. The King can struggle all he likes but he won’t be able to counter with any move. His durability is high but not high enough to withstand a barrage like this for very long. He’ll end up going down before long and has no real chance of escape. Donatello wins.

Donatello vs Water Horse

The Water Horse is in a bit of an awkward position because he is too small to be considered a Kaiju but too large to be considered a Giant Monster. As a result this creature doesn’t seem to have a lot of fans. It has a lot of raw power, but that won’t mean much against Donatello’s large arsenal of tech. He’s also a close combat master so that’s another feather in his cap. He can take his time and will win this match without too much effort. Donatello wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Donatello

Kimberly Ann Hart is back and now she’s up against Donatello! He may be a skilled turtle and his staff can be deadly, but Kimberly has fought stronger opponents in the past. Her Zord has some solid projectiles at the ready and her hand to hand skills are enough to match up pretty well against him. Donatello is going to need to settle for a loss this time. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

Trini Kwan vs Donatello

Trini Kwan is back and now she’s up against the smartest member of the turtles. Donatello is good with a staff and there are few fighters who can match up against him when the going gets tough. That being said, Trini Kwan would have the edge since Donatello would have a hard time dodging her blaster. They would eventually engage in hand to hand combat, but Donatello would not be able to get the edge. Trini Kwan wins.

Billy Cranston vs Donatello

Billy Cranston may be pretty good when it comes to hand to hand combat, but Donatello is no slouch in this area either. He’s an elite warrior with his staff and close quarters combat definitely doesn’t phase him. Donatello may not be able to stand up to Billy’s blaster, but he would definitely make the fight interesting. Billy Cranston wins.

Zack Taylor vs Donatello

Donatello has his trusty staff, which should keep Zack at bay. Unfortunately, the same cant be said for his Zord. This two pronged attack should bring Zack a critical victory. Three turtles down…one to go. Zack is definitely on a roll with these last blog matches. Donatello is going to have to hope that his next opponent is a little weaker. Zack Taylor wins.

Jason Lee Scott vs Donatello

The Red Ranger and now he’s back against the smartest member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Donatello may make his debut in this round, but that won’t be enough to stop Jason. Jason can fend off his staff blows and counter using his impressive hand to hand combat training. Donatello won’t know what hit him! Jason Lee Scott wins.