Imhotep vs Scorpion King

Suggested by Destroyer This is a pretty tricky battle of Mummy antagonists. On one hand the Scorpion King is certainly stronger than Imhotep physically but it’s a shame that we couldn’t see him fight Imhotep while the Mummy still had his powers. The Mummy’s abilities do give him a lot of versatility in combat although drowning the King in sand is unlikely. If this was a battle of potential then I would give this to Imhotep with ease, but as far as what we have actually seen from the characters, I think I have to give this to the Scorpion King. Scorpion King wins.

Anguirus vs Scorpion King

Suggested by Destroyer The Scorpion King is a strong man who can move reasonably fast but that’s not really a threat to a Kaiju. Anguirus can shrug off each of those hits like they were nothing and just keep charging ahead to victory. He only needs to connect with a single shot and that should be it for this king. The Scorpion King was just not ready for this kind of opponent. Anguirus wins.

Scorpion King vs Tyrian

The Scorpion King is pretty powerful. He has enhanced strength and durability at his disposal so no average person can take him out without having something up their sleeve. Tyrian has poison and super speed though so he’s pretty well covered. No matter what the Scorpion King tries he just won’t be able to take Tyrian down for the count. He’d have a hard time hitting that quick villain either way. Tyrian is just on a different level. Tyrian wins.

Kafka Hibino vs Scorpion King

Kafka is the main character of Kaiju No. 8 and while the series is brand new the guy has already been showing why he is considered a powerhouse. His Kaiju form is extremely powerful and would easily be able to crush the Scorpion King. The Scorpion King just would not be able to keep up in either power or speed which makes this a very rough matchup for him. There’s just not really a lot that I could see him being able to do against someone like Kafka. He would need a massive power up to even try to keep up. Kafka Hibino wins.

Scorpion King vs Donatello

Suggested by Destroyer The Scorpion King is a tough adversary for most humans. Donatello’s no human though and he can move quite fast. His staff will allow him to slam the Scorpion King with a lot of great combos with no problem at all. The King can struggle all he likes but he won’t be able to counter with any move. His durability is high but not high enough to withstand a barrage like this for very long. He’ll end up going down before long and has no real chance of escape. Donatello wins.

Scorpion King vs King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah is a powerful Kaiju and he hails from a franchise that is now over 60 years old! The Scorpion King can actually also claim to be from a similarly old series, but he’s not quite as impressive as Ghidorah. King Ghidorah has taken on Godzilla in the past and his gravity attacks should be more than a match for the Scorpion Kings’s abilities. King Ghidorah wins.

Cia vs Scorpion King

I’m sure that we all remember the Scorpion King right? He was a pretty impressive fighter who really came out of nowhere in the Mummy films. I was pretty glad to see that we had another villain around, but it’s too bad that the Mummy couldn’t fight him. Either way, The Scorpion King won’t be able to defeat Cia. Her magical abilities could easily crush him and she’s a great close combat fighter as well. Cia wins.

Scorpion King vs Bly

This is a tribute to the Scorpion King! Well, he knows how to use his sword, but in the end he’s hardly the greatest swordsman. Bly could defeat him pretty easily with a mix of skill and raw power. Not to mention that he’s also a great deal faster than the Scorpion King could hope to be. Bly wins.