Imhotep vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Imhotep is a strong mummy but I don’t think he has what it takes to stop Cell. Cell is simply way too strong as he can take down a whole solar system in an instant if he chooses to do so. No amount of sand will be enough to deter such a powerful attack and speed has never been Imhotep’s strong suit. Cell wins.

Imhotep vs Tabuu

Tabuu was a really cool villain from Super Smash Bros Brawl who was similar to the Anti Spiral and probably the closest that we will ever get to a DBZ styled villain in the Smash games. He may be gone, but his legacy isn’t and a good aura blast should quickly put Imhotep in his place. I don’t see how this Mummy can hope to hurt Tabuu. Tabuu is too quick and his shape shifting abilities will allow him to attack Imhotep in many different ways. Tabuu wins.

Imhotep vs Ash

This is a tribute to the classic Mummy film as well as a tribute to the latest Pokemon film. You could call it a double tribute and these are pretty rare since it’s pretty tough for one character to lose a tribute and then have the next character win one. Luckily, Ash looked pretty impressive in the current Pokemon film and his only unfortunate moment may have been when he was concentrating on the food a little too much and let Diancie get kidnapped. The Mummy had a lot of power and yet he still couldn’t best the humans….he definitely wasn’t going to win here! Ash wins.

Imhotep vs Broly

Nothing screams epic like Broly when he’s in his Legendary Super Saiyan mode. Imhotep may have some sand with him, but Broly would just destroy the entire planet that he was on. Imhotep isn’t fast enough to fight with such a powerful adversary and one punch is all that Broly would need to quickly take the win. Broly wins.

Imhotep vs Exodia

Exodia is known as the forbidden one and he’s also the strongest card in Duel Monsters. Perhaps not in attack points, but you win the duel just by summoning him! Imhotep could try to tackle Exodia and win in a battle of fisticuffs, but that wouldn’t work. Exodia is far too large and one good energy blast would….OBLITERATE Imhotep. Exodia wins.

Imhotep vs Desertman

Sand users don’t get much cooler than Desertman! He really captures the image of how one would expect a sand user to look. It should also be noted that Desertman is pretty powerful and he’s way above Imhotep’s league. Imhotep seriously wouldn’t stand a chance against someone like Desertman. Desertman is immortal after all! Desertman wins.

Imhotep vs Yoh

Imhotep isn’t done with his losses just yet! Yoh is a master in the art of sword fighting and he’s much stronger than Imhotep. Imhotep may scare most fighters, but he wouldn’t scare a Shaman. Yoh has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember and most of them are scarier and tougher than Imhotep. Yoh wins.

Imhotep vs Sandman

Sandman may not be the greatest Spiderman villain out there, but he’s definitely one of the most lethal. His sand abilities can give any warrior a tough time. Imhotep may believe that he has the edge in this round since he’s known as The Mummy, but that won’t be enough. His sand abilities are limited in comparison to Sandman’s and he lacks fighting experience. Sandman wins.

Imhotep vs Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is a pretty fearsome DC fighter and he’s taken on both Batman and Superman in the past. That’s pretty impressive and Imhotep will not stand a chance. Imhotep can try to summon a little sand to defend himself with, but it just won’t be enough. Swamp Thing has an overwhelming advantage in this battle due to his elemental abilities and raw power. Swamp Thing wins.

Imhotep vs Crocodile

Imhotep continues to face defeat at every corner and that’s not going to change in this round! Crocodile was strong enough to take on Strawhat Luffy and that’s a feat that Imhotep could not match. Imhotep can try to throw a good punch in, but Crocodile wouldn’t really be affected and he’d quickly win with his lethal claw slash. Crocodile wins.