Thor vs Sandman

Thor is back and he’s up against the mighty Sandman! The Sandman is a ground based fighter, which should help to insulate him from Thor’s lightning. If they were both physically equal, Sandman may have even had the edge in this fight. However, they are far from equal and Thor’s physical strength easily dwarfs the Sandman’s abilities. Thor wins.

Imhotep vs Sandman

Sandman may not be the greatest Spiderman villain out there, but he’s definitely one of the most lethal. His sand abilities can give any warrior a tough time. Imhotep may believe that he has the edge in this round since he’s known as The Mummy, but that won’t be enough. His sand abilities are limited in comparison to Sandman’s and he lacks fighting experience. Sandman wins.

Bane vs Sandman

Sandman wins this match thanks to his Sand Manipulation. Bane has a lot of raw power, but in the end raw power just doesn’t cut it against guys of Sandman’s level. Sandman is just far too powerful to be defeated. Bane may have lost this match, but maybe one day he’ll come back to pwn. Until then I suppose. Sandman wins.

Sandman vs Hydroman

Sandman is back, but this time he’s against Hydroman. Hydroman has water powers that may just be the ultimate defense against Sandman. Of course Sandman has fought against guys like the Hulk. That’s pretty impressive for him. This fight is close, but in the end I go with Sandman on this one. Sandman wins.

Spiderman vs Sandman

Spiderman has enough skills to take down many foes. Not even the Sandman can take him down. The Sandman is a being who is always a threat. With his sand powers he can regenerate constantly. He’s far too powerful to be destroyed. Unless of course you happen to be Spiderman. In Spider Phoenix form Spidey could just wave his hand and have a giant blast of fire utterly destroy Sandman. Sandman wouldn’t stand a chance. Spiderman wins.