Mr Incredible vs Bane

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time that Mr Incredible steps back into the ring to try and take down one of Batman’s most powerful adversaries. Bane is quite strong and the more Venom he consumes, the stronger he gets. His human limitations will quickly kick in though and he can’t quite reach the height that Mr. Incredible is at. Incredible rarely likes to go all out since he might hurt someone, but Bane can take it so he will be able to fight a little more freely. I hate to say it, but I think this is about as far as Bane goes. Mr Incredible wins.

Batman Mystery of the Batwoman Review

Revisits are always fun and this is a Batman film that I’ve definitely seen a few times. I’ve always sided with Mask of the Phantasm from the classic Batman films, but this one certainly holds its own and has a nice blend of action and detective elements inside. I do think that the woman behind the mask is a cop out in the end, but so it goes.

A new vigilante has appeared with a bat inspired costume. She certainly has no qualms about crossing the line and goes all in on all missions. Batman has to put a stop to this before she does something she’ll regret or gets hurt in this crusade. After all, Batman’s been through a few tough scrapes before and he’s one of the greatest heroes of all time. It’ll be tough to catch her, but there are three key suspects for him to take a look at. The first is a new detective whose family business was burned by Thorne and they never recovered. We’ve got the motive and she definitely has a tough personality. Next up is the young genius from Wayne Enterprises who developed a new metal which can be transfigured into any shape with ease. This has a lot of practical applications as well as uses in the field. Hmmmm. Finally, we have the daughter of a big gang who is rich and likes to go on adventures. She’s certainly got the resources. Well, it’s time for Batman to look into this!

The film moves at a fairly quick pace and the first action scene happens immediately. It’s a formula that all films should follow. Literally all films without exception should open up with some kind of action/fight scene to get the fans hyped. It was probably the best looking scene animation-wise as well. There’s only one plot that I’m not crazy about and I’m sure that all of you can guess if you’ve seen the film. Does Bruce Wayne have to have a love interest in every single film? It gets old fast and the film didn’t need that. He falls in love with the gangster’s daughter of course and that definitely distracts him from the case for a little while. As far as romances go, it’s not terrible, but it’s still rushed and doesn’t really have a place in the film.

Aside from that, Batman was in character for this film. As Batman, he puts the pieces together with ease and he looks like the experienced hero that he should be. It’s always annoying to see so many films show him as a novice or a rookie. I want to see Batman as an experience veteran and I’m willing to bet that most of his fans feel the same way. They’ll be satisfied with how he looks here and his fight against Bane is one of the highlights of the film. It’s a good battle and neither fighter is willing to back down until the battlefield forces a change. Batman is a little outmatched here, but I blame it on cheap shots and the fact that Batman had to watch out for everyone. Otherwise, I go with Batman every time, but Bane makes for a very good opponent. Bane is always portrayed as a strong villain, but this film also showed his intelligent side. It’s not shown very often, but he is crafty and a very deadly mercenary. Certainly not your average power enemy.

Kathy gets the largest role from the 3 new heroines. From the three characters, I’d put her in the middle. Her romance with Bruce is a bit much, but aside from that she’s all right. The problem is that the romance makes up most of her character and she doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time as Batwoman. Rocky is my least favorite member of the three. It’s cool that she’s smart, but she’s a little too timid for me to find her very likable. Rocky also should have broken up with the dude who’s in prison. Sure, he did everything to help her in the long run, but he still came across as rude and ungrateful. It’s good to see that she’s good at video games though. The best member is certainly Sonia. She’s the most determined and is the most passionate about her goals. She’s willing to take on Batman if necessary and nearly gets into a gunfight with him.

From the villains, I forgot how weak the Penguin is. He definitely looks very inept as a villain, but it makes sense that he would be out of shape from pretending to be a villain for so long. Rupert Thorne isn’t any better and I’ve never found him to be an interesting villain. Ditto for the new gang boss. The two ladies who work for the Penguin were impressive though and they gave Batwoman a great fight. It was one of the more enjoyable fights in the film. Penguin’s definitely hired some very good help, that’s for sure.

All in all, the film’s just a lot of fun. It’s always nostalgic to see the definitive version of Gotham and the cases that it brings. I don’t know how long the film is, but it goes by very quickly while still having enough time to introduce all of these characters and provide us with some fight scenes. The writing is very well done as well and it much better than most other superhero films in that category.

Naturally, the animation is quite good here. The DCAU holds up so well through the test of time that it beats most of the current products from DC. The character models are still perfect and make for great fight scenes that are easy to watch and still carry the weight behind each punch that I tend to miss nowadays. It doesn’t have the same theatrical feel that Sub Zero and Mask of the Phantasm had. That’s fine as a movie doesn’t need to have that film feel. There aren’t a large abundance of films that have been able to pull that off after all, but it’s fun to see.

I wouldn’t say that there’s too much of a soundtrack here. It’s certainly not as epic as in Mask of the Phantasm. That being said, there is one song popped up during the credits and the scene in the lounge. It was pretty good and seemed to be treated like a bit of a guest star appearance for the singer. It fit well and it’s the kind of song that can easily be turned into a fight scene theme without sounding off. It’s not the quickest song in the world, but it’ll do. Beyond that, the soundtrack is mostly just the sound effects during the scenes. Usually, this is so subtle that I don’t even notice that the scene is basically silent. It’s always interesting to think back and try to remember if there was music in a scene or not.

Overall, This is a good Batman film. It’s certainly one of his best even when we count all of the non DCAU ones. I remember thinking that there wasn’t enough action in this film whenever I saw it back in the day. It’s not a huge issue, but I do think that another fight scene or two would have been good. Maybe a longer one between Batman and Batwoman since the first scuffle ended with a cheap shot. Batman’s prep time did help him out though and I’m glad that he kept on solving the mysteries. If you haven’t seen this film yet, then you should definitely fix that ASAP! It’s a Batman film that all Batman fans can enjoy and even if you’re not a comic book reader, it’s easy to follow along. Once you see the film, you can decide if the ending is a cop out or not.

Overall 7/10

Rosalina vs Bane

Bane is definitely a tough fighter, but I don’t think he will really be able to challenge Rosalina. She’s simply too quick and can deal a surprisingly high amount of damage in a very short time. Bane is durable, but I don’t see him lasting too long against the starbit onslaught! Game Set and Match for him! Rosalina wins.

Bane vs Ra’s Al Ghul

Bane is a powerful guy and typically he would be stronger than Ra’s Al Ghul. The reason why this isn’t the case in composite is that Ra’s once managed to gain some of Superman’s strength and speed back in the Superman Animated Series. That put him above Bane in power and a few good hits would be enough to finish off the villain. With this round, Ra’s has now gained his first win and ascends past hundreds of fighters who were ahead of him. Ra’s Al Ghul wins.

Big Daddy (Alpha) vs Bane

Bane is pretty good when it comes to a hand to hand fight, but will he be able to take on someone as tricky as Big Daddy? Big Daddy (Alpha) can use his elemental abilities to deal some pretty serious damage to Bane, but he does get stunned after he uses his attacks. Bane has shown that he can resist thunder abilities so as long as he can endure the blast, he’ll be okay. Once things turn into a close range fight, it’s over for Big Daddy. Bane wins.

Dracula vs Bane

Dracula is a pretty tough vampire, but he lacks the hand to hand skills that Bane possesses. Bane is able to shrug off thunder attacks and his raw power was enough to challenge Batman! Dracula is tough, but since Bane outranks him in raw power and also has his weapons at the ready, Dracula just won’t be able to win this round. Bane wins.

Bane vs Alex Sawyer

Knightfall 1
Alex Sawyer is a pretty tough kid and he’s been through his share of troubles. Of course he was a pretty bad person so some would argue that he got what was coming to him…others would say that he merely went along with it and was still a “hero”. Either way, he’s a tough kid, but I don’t think that he can take on Bane. Bane did take on Batman after all! Bane wins.

Ryder White vs Bane

Ryder White has his gun and he did gain some additional power thanks to becoming an undead, but it just won’t be enough. Strength wise I still wouldn’t put him on Bane level. Not to mention that Bane also has better hand to hand combat skills and he even took down Batman. Ryder White may have lost his debut match, but he could be back. Bane wins.

Bane vs Sandman

Sandman wins this match thanks to his Sand Manipulation. Bane has a lot of raw power, but in the end raw power just doesn’t cut it against guys of Sandman’s level. Sandman is just far too powerful to be defeated. Bane may have lost this match, but maybe one day he’ll come back to pwn. Until then I suppose. Sandman wins.

The Phantasm vs Bane

The Phantasm may be a skilled athlete, but she is still no match for Bane. Bane is far too powerful and has even been able to fight Batman and win. That’s not something done by the faint of heart. Bane finally gets himself a win on the blog. Now he can make a name for himself. Bane wins.