Rosalina vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Rosalina is back, but Kirby isn’t an easy opponent for any fighter. Kirby has copied well over 100 abilities at this point and has always been a tough opponent to keep down either way. One slice of his sword and Rosalina’s barrier will likely fall. She doesn’t have a lot of offensive options to use against the pink puffball and that is why she ultimately won’t be able to claim victory here. Kirby wins.

Rosalina vs Pichu

Suggested by Sonic Rosalina is a pretty skilled Mario fighter. To be more precise, her cosmic abilities are quite vast, but she doesn’t typically use them for combat. Rosalina’s barrier may protect her from some of Pichu’s attacks, but it won’t ultimately last. Once Pichu breaks through Rosalina doesn’t have enough speed to keep up. Ultimately it will be all that she can do to extend the match. Pichu wins.

Rosalina vs Mewtwo

Suggested by Sonic Rosalina may travel the cosmos, but that doesn’t mean she is ready for the big time. Mewtwo still has her beat in both attack and speed. He can hurl a lot of Shadow Balls at Rosalina to distract her as he goes in for the wind. Her projectile reflection may work for a while, but it leaves her open to attack. Since Mewtwo can switch up his attack patterns at will this does not bode well for the princess. Mewtwo wins.

Bulbasaur vs Rosalina

Suggested by Sonic Rosalina is a cosmic being and all so you would expect her to be reasonably strong, but I still don’t think that she is quite ready to take on someone like Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is just too skilled at this point and he can even evolve into Venusaur. At that point he has too many long range options that could stop Rosalina in her tracks. She isn’t quite quick enough to dodge so that’s when the match will end. Bulbasaur wins.

Super Mario 3D World Review

I’ve been meaning to buy this game for ages, but it just never happened. Luckily, I ended up buying a Wii U from a relative and got a few games for free. This one happened to be among them so I finally got a chance to play the final 3D Mario adventure. While it isn’t quite as good as the others, it’s still a great game and one that I’d recommend to all Mario fans. With 4 Player Mode, you can imagine how chaotic a lot of these levels are. There’s also a lot of content here so you won’t be cheated out of 60 dollars like with Star Fox Zero. Not that this matters much at the moment though since the game goes for 20 nowadays. At that price, how can you not get it?

The plot is pretty simple and to the point. Bowser has kidnapped a bunch of fairies and Mario has decided to get them back. Bowser has amassed quite the army this time though so Mario has enlisted the help of Luigi, Peach, and Toad. Together, the four of them are ready to take down all the foes who would dare stand in their way. Rosalina also shows up to help, but only after Bowser has already been defeated so it was a little too late by that point. Awesome character to play as though.

By now, the gameplay is likely self explanatory to most Mario fans. It’s a 3D Mario Platformer where you have to try and reach the end of a level. They are all linear so the levels work more like the 2D games or Galaxy to an extent rather than the more complex/circular levels from the Super Mario 64 and Sunshine days. (Still the best two Mario games) Each character has a special ability that will help you complete the levels. Mario…is Mario. The sheer hype that his cap brings to the table is all that you need. Luigi can jump extra high which should help you reach the flagpole just about every time. Toad has some super speed which can help in the races/speed levels. Finally, Peach can float for a limited time which is like having the Raccoon Tail permanently. Her ability is easily the most useful and I’d say that she is unquestionably the best character in the game. Getting the Green Stars with her is almost too easy. As for Rosalina, she can spin, which works as an attack like having the Tail. It’s pretty useful against bosses and enemies alike. That being said, I’d still give Peach the edge over her. Once you start floating around, you don’t go back!

As always, Mario 3D World has an impressive soundtrack by its side for the levels. While they aren’t quite as ironic as the other titles, there are still a few themes that may become iconic from this one like the boss theme. The game did a very good job with that one since it is fast paced and gets you excited for what’s to come. Graphically, the game is also as good as ever with the colors really standing out. Nintendo’s definitely done a good job of staying near the forefront in this area.

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of replay value here. After the initial 8 worlds, there are 3 bonus ones and then a final secret world. The last world is a little on the small side, but to unlock it you will need to collect all of the Green Stars and stickers, which should take you a very long time in and of itself. The stickers were actually a neat touch, but I don’t like the fact that you have to beat all of the levels with each character in order to unlock some of them. That seems like it would be a little tedious after a while. Most of the levels are only about 2-5 minutes long so it’s not terrible, but you shouldn’t have to do all of that to unlock the world. All of the Green Stars is reasonable, but not the rest of the requirements.

The game does have a little bit of an issue with repetition though. You can guess what will happen in each world based on the first. You’ll get to the castle, where the Fairy will yell “Help!” You’ll save her and then she’ll build a pipe to the next world. This happens at each world with the same music and everything. Both of the Bowser battles are identical and the game also reuses mini/normal bosses in the game. I suppose with a title this long that’s an efficient way to do things, but the repeated cutscenes is certainly a no no. At least switching up the music would be a nice switch.

The Mario games live in a staus quo that they don’t want to switch and that’s fine. I can get used to fighting Bowser at the end every time because it’s classic. That being said, It would be fun if the games would throw in more of a plot. I feel like Mario Sunshine took a large step forward with that as it had actual cutscenes and a talking character. Granted, Mario didn’t handle his arrest as well as Sonic did in Adventure 2 Battle, but..heh, few characters are quite as cool as that hedgehog!

One of the big selling points with this title was the fact that you could play with 4 players through the story. That was certainly fun. It comes at the expense of the gameplay mechanics to an extent as there has been a noticeable drop from the Galaxy titles, but it was still good overall. I do think that splitscreen should return though as one player shouldn’t die if he goes too far from the other. This can get tricky in the stages where jumping switches them all around or when you’re running away from lava/Bowser. It makes for good tactics though and Peach can typically cheese the levels anyway. You’ll always want to play as her.

This game also saw the debut of Captain Toad so it was nice to see him around. The gameplay is fun and these are the kinds of puzzles that I can get behind. They are like brain warmers with one correct answer and not too much guesswork. You’ll either know the answer of you’ll have to walk around and figure it out. You don’t have to sail across the world in order to find the goal. (Final Fantasy VII…..) I definitely wouldn’t want to buy Captain Toad for 40, but if it drops to 20 then that could be reasonable. It would be ironic if I bought that game before New Super Mario Bros U or Luigi Mansion Dark Moon though since it’s more of a spinoff than those two.

Another minigame of sorts in this title was the box challenges. You could earn up to 10 Green Stars in those by winning really quick contests. These tended to be a lot easier with co-op than they would have been otherwise for missions where you had to defeat several enemies in 10 seconds. I liked these bite size challenges and would be up for seeing them reappear in the NX Mario title. I want the Hub World to come back for next time though. Just look at Mario 64 or Sunshine for how to do a Hub World. Galaxy had it as well, but it was a lot less interesting so the next game shouldn’t take a leaf out of that book.

Overall, Mario 3D World is another solid title from Nintendo. It feels like a well polished title with enough fun and extra content to keep you busy for a while. It’s still the weakest Mario 3D platformer, partially due to the fact that it plays out more like a 3D New Super Mario Bros than a full fledged title. The soundtrack also wasn’t quite as epic as those and it felt like it was less of a grand installment. I imagine that it wasn’t a system seller the way that the others were. Still, Nintendo’s seal of quality is certainly found here and I invite you to try and match your gaming skills against this title. Are your Mario skills as good as you think they are?

Overall 8/10

Iceman vs Rosalina

Iceman has improved a lot over the years and he went from being the new kid on the block to an experienced threat who shouldn’t be taken lightly. He can flash freeze opponents in an instant. Although, due to Rosalina’s space durability, that likely won’t be much of an issue, if it is one at all. It is really tough to say who has the edge in this matchup. Rosalina has her barrier and starbits, but will that be enough! I guess, I will say yes since she can also reflect any ice blast that Iceman tries. Rosalina wins.

Rosalina vs Bane

Bane is definitely a tough fighter, but I don’t think he will really be able to challenge Rosalina. She’s simply too quick and can deal a surprisingly high amount of damage in a very short time. Bane is durable, but I don’t see him lasting too long against the starbit onslaught! Game Set and Match for him! Rosalina wins.

Rosalina vs Howard Aguello

Rosalina vs Luma
Howard is good at running away, but that won’t help him against a foe as fearsome as Rosalina. Rosalina is a high above being who bows to no being and has earned her spot on top. Howard suffers defeat once more, but the important thing is that he keeps on fighting. Maybe he shall claim victory one day..maybe. Rosalina wins.

Rosalina vs Luke Benson

Rosalina has arrived on the scene once again and she’s here for a win. We admire the fact that Luke Benson is a bold fighter who never backs down from an opponent, but that won’t help him here. Rosalina is much quicker than Luke and one good hit from her scepter should knock him down a few pegs. Benson is only mortal after all. Rosalina wins.

Lucina vs Rosalina

Lucina Rosalina
Rosalina may be a fan favorite character from the Mario franchise, but I’ve never really been that impressed with her fighting abilities. She has a pretty good barrier, but that won’t be enough to stop Lucina’s blade. Lucina has the edge in this brawl thanks to her speed and it will clear a path for her victory! Lucina wins.