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Turtwig vs Bulbasaur

Suggested by Destroyer Both of these grass types are pretty powerful Pokemon. That being said, Bulbasaur has the advantage here. Not only does he have a Mega Venusaur form to tap into, but he’s proven himself a lot more over the years. Turtwig is cool and will stay in the game for as long as possible, but ultimately he will end up faltering. He’s just not ready to keep up with one of the original powerhouses. Bulbasaur wins.

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Mega Man vs Bulbasaur

Suggested by Sonic Mega Man is incredibly powerful. Not only does he have a lot of special abilities in a similar fashion as Kirby, but his normal stats are already through the roof. Read the Megamix/Gigamix manga and you’ll see what I mean. Bulbasaur has a lot of power and speed as well, but he is severely outgunned here. Mega Man will pepper him with blasts and fire attacks until this Pokemon is down for the count. Mega Man wins.

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Villager vs Bulbasaur

Suggested by Sonic Villager is back once again, but he won’t have any real good luck against Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur has a lot of attacks up his sleeve and can fight from any distance. Then you’ve also got his two evolved forms which increase his abilities even further. By this point Villager is hopelessly outgunned and his slingshots just won’t do a thing. There’s just nothing that really can be done here. Bulbasaur wins.

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Zelda vs Bulbasaur

This is a pretty close fight. Bulbasaur has access to Mega Venusaur which gives him an incredible amount of raw power and energy attacks. However, Zelda has her Hyrule Warriors appearance which showed just how quick and devastating her abilities were. I have to say that Bulbasaur may actually be a little outmatched for once. I think she would be just fast enough to stay one step ahead of him and that’s how she would be able to blast him with enough Light Arrows to win. Zelda wins.

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Bulbasaur vs Rosalina

Suggested by Sonic Rosalina is a cosmic being and all so you would expect her to be reasonably strong, but I still don’t think that she is quite ready to take on someone like Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is just too skilled at this point and he can even evolve into Venusaur. At that point he has too many long range options that could stop Rosalina in her tracks. She isn’t quite quick enough to dodge so that’s when the match will end. Bulbasaur wins.

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Cragalanche vs Bulbasaur

Cragalanche is back and he’s up against good ole Bulbasaur! Bulbasaur has his vine whip attack and he’s pretty quick! Taking him down is a lot tougher than it looks. Cragalanche has a lot more raw power, but power doesn’t always win you the battle. Speed and variety help as well. Bulbasaur wins.