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Rafflesian vs Yuno

Rafflesian is a powerful Megaman X secret boss who has command over all of the elements. Her thunder and fire abilities could be dangerous, but Yuno’s wind is equally formidable. Additionally Yuno has the edge in speed which is very important in a fight like this. Rafflesian will have a hard time landing any blows on the speedy Yuno. Meanwhile Yuno won’t have a problem landing any of his counters and he’ll quickly take the edge in this fight. Yuno wins.

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Mallow vs Rafflesian

Suggested by Anonymous Rafflesian is one of the secret bosses in Megaman X Command Mission. She isn’t very well known but her stats are through the roof. She is incredibly hard to defeat and can fire off elemental attacks on a grand scale. Mallow has some decent grass type Pokemon so the Terra Thunder wouldn’t be as bad as it could be (Still deadly) but there’s not much Mallow could do to get close. Rafflesian can spam her Sub Burst attack and really deal massive damage. This wouldn’t be a close fight. Rafflesian wins.