Muhyo vs Yuno

Yuno is the man who believes that he will be the Wizard King someday. Hey you definitely can’t count him out, his skills are the real deal. I don’t see Muhyo being able to keep up for very long. While he does have a spellbook of his own, Muhyo’s not nearly as fast and his spells are more limited. Yuno is in the driver’s seat here. He can spam his wind blasts and even Muhyo’s strongest monsters will be doing down here. Yuno wins.

Alan Blackman vs Yuno

Alan Blackman has power over sound vibrations. It would make for an interesting matchup against Yuno’s wind. Yuno could certainly generate powerful winds so that the sound could not reach him but could Alan generate a solid sound blast that would break the tornadoes? Well, I would give the edge to Yuno there but he doesn’t need to wait on a power struggle since he could very easily fly rings around Alan. That would give him an absolute edge in this battle and Alan has no ways of countering such an attack. Yuno wins.

Flashy Flash vs Yuno

Suggested by Sonic Yuno is someone who is beloved by mana and has quickly risen up the ranks. While I would say his speed is very impressive, I don’t really think it will be enough to win this match. Flashy Flash is just on a different level in terms of speed and it will be difficult to catch him. Yuno’s also best at mid-range and Flashy will force this into a close quarters battle. Flashy Flash wins.

Yuno vs Bass

Yuno is a powerful wind fighter. I’d go as far as to say he’s one of the strongest wind fighters I’ve ever seen. He can fire off energy blasts and also move at incredible speeds so Bass will have quite the fight up his sleeve. That being said, this is still a fight Bass will ultimately end up winning. Yuno won’t be able to keep up with this legendary fighter for very long. Bass is just way too powerful at this point and with Hubstyle his stats around the board are superior to Yuno’s. There’s just not much that Yuno can do to keep up here. Bass wins.

Jaden vs Yuno

Yuno is a very powerful mage. One of the strongest to ever walk the Clover Kingdom. His wind will be able to keep most of Jaden’s monsters at bay and his speed is greater than Jaden’s fastest monsters. That being said, Jaden will still be able to hold his own here because he is just very well equipped with his magical abilities. A few good traps will stop any of Yuno’s attacks and that will give an opening for his monsters to finish the job. Jaden wins.

Update 8 7 2020 While Jaden has a ton of cards I don’t believe any are nearly fast enough to take down Yuno. Yuno wins.

Rafflesian vs Yuno

Rafflesian is a powerful Megaman X secret boss who has command over all of the elements. Her thunder and fire abilities could be dangerous, but Yuno’s wind is equally formidable. Additionally Yuno has the edge in speed which is very important in a fight like this. Rafflesian will have a hard time landing any blows on the speedy Yuno. Meanwhile Yuno won’t have a problem landing any of his counters and he’ll quickly take the edge in this fight. Yuno wins.

Yuno vs AZ

AZ is quite powerful and his array of Pokemon aren’t bad. That won’t be enough to take down a powerhouse like Yuno though. Yuno’s abilities are so great that he is considered to be a true prodigy. He has attained abilities as a teen that most mages never get even as an adult. Yuno’s wind could keep all of AZ’s Pokemon on the defensive and then he can zip in for the win. There’s really not much AZ could do at that point. Yuno wins.

Yuno vs Duraludon

Duraludon is a pretty tough Pokemon who has a cool design and a lot of different attack options. Those won’t be enough to defeat this wind prodigy though. Yuno has gotten quite a lot stronger as the fights have gone by in Black Clover and at this point he can easily shred through most attacks. Duraludon isn’t fast enough to dodge his attacks and he certainly isn’t strong enough to overpower them. No matter how you slice it this is the end of Duraludon’s run. Yuno wins.