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Yuno vs Duraludon

Duraludon is a pretty tough Pokemon who has a cool design and a lot of different attack options. Those won’t be enough to defeat this wind prodigy though. Yuno has gotten quite a lot stronger as the fights have gone by in Black Clover and at this point he can easily shred through most attacks. Duraludon isn’t fast enough to dodge his attacks and he certainly isn’t strong enough to overpower them. No matter how you slice it this is the end of Duraludon’s run. Yuno wins.

Battles, Duraludon Battles, Lifesaver Battles

Duraludon vs Lifesaver

Suggested by Anonymous Lifesaver can’t really fight while Duraludon is still a very fierce Pokemon in his own right. I just don’t think Lifesaver is really the guy for the job in terms of taking on someone like Duraludon. One good hyper beam or blizzard and Lifesaver’s circuits will start to fry. He should have enough physical ability to keep things interesting for a little while, but ultimately he won’t be able to last. Duraludon wins.