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Duraludon vs Lifesaver

Suggested by Anonymous Lifesaver can’t really fight while Duraludon is still a very fierce Pokemon in his own right. I just don’t think Lifesaver is really the guy for the job in terms of taking on someone like Duraludon. One good hyper beam or blizzard and Lifesaver’s circuits will start to fry. He should have enough physical ability to keep things interesting for a little while, but ultimately he won’t be able to last. Duraludon wins.

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Lifesaver vs Mecha Godzilla

Suggested by Anonymous Lifesaver seems like the kind of reploid who could probably fight in a last resort type moment, but we’ve never actually seen him get in the ring so it’s hard to say just how strong he is. As it stands I believe Mecha Godzilla would have no problem clobbering this guy. A few good hits would definitely knock him out of the running and Lifesaver has no moves that would deal any real damage here. Mecha Godzilla wins.