Muhyo vs Yuno

Yuno is the man who believes that he will be the Wizard King someday. Hey you definitely can’t count him out, his skills are the real deal. I don’t see Muhyo being able to keep up for very long. While he does have a spellbook of his own, Muhyo’s not nearly as fast and his spells are more limited. Yuno is in the driver’s seat here. He can spam his wind blasts and even Muhyo’s strongest monsters will be doing down here. Yuno wins.

Muhyo vs Kharis

This is a tribute to The Mummy’s Ghost. As expected Kharis looked pretty bad in this film again as he was manipulated the whole time. You’d think that someone this well known and powerful would be able to do a little better but I suppose it just wasn’t in the cards. A bit of a shame but Muhyo will see to it that this guy is taken down and fast. There’s no way for Kharis to keep up and one spell will take him out. Muhyo wins.