Yuno vs AZ

AZ is quite powerful and his array of Pokemon aren’t bad. That won’t be enough to take down a powerhouse like Yuno though. Yuno’s abilities are so great that he is considered to be a true prodigy. He has attained abilities as a teen that most mages never get even as an adult. Yuno’s wind could keep all of AZ’s Pokemon on the defensive and then he can zip in for the win. There’s really not much AZ could do at that point. Yuno wins.

High Max vs AZ

Suggested by Anonymous High Max is a powerful robot who challenged X and Zero a while back. He has a pretty cool design and even looks like Duo to an extent. He can create powerful barriers and also has energy blasts. On the other hand AZ has 3 powerful Pokemon at his disposal and each one packs a punch. It’s definitely hard to know who has the advantage here because it’s such a close battle. Nonetheless I would have to roll with AZ on this one. High Max won’t be able to block all of their attacks at the same time and that’ll be his downfall. AZ wins.