Flashy Flash vs Saitama

Flashy Flash is well known for his speed but it’s not like he’s as fast as Saitama. This is particularly unfortunate for him in a fight because then he has nothing else. Saitama is also a lot more powerful than Flashy Flash although that goes without saying. That’s why there is very little chance for Flashy to do much of anything here. No matter what he tries to do, Saitama will be one step ahead of him throughout. When that ends up being the case, Flashy’s options just become very limited. Saitama wins.

Flashy Flash vs Ryoma

Flashy Flash has returned again but this time he is up against the tennis expert known as Ryoma. Ryoma’s landed a ton of good wins over the years and this one will be no different. Flashy Flash may be able to go faster than light with incredible S tier fighting power but Ryoma unlocked the Pinnacle of Perfection. Mix that with his high above status and there’s just no way he could take a loss here. It’s a mantle of victory that he wears proudly. Without the high above rule though, the hyperbole is’t enough. Flashy Flash wins.

Flashy Flash vs Lumine

Lumine is one of the more powerful villains in Megaman X. Her abilities are definitely very impressive and I don’t think Flashy Flash would be able to last very long against them if he didn’t have so much speed. We can’t ignore the speed though as it shapes the entire fight. Lumine just won’t be able to do anything against that level of ability. Flashy will remain one step ahead of her the entire time and even if she were to fire off her complete arsenal at once none of the hits would even come remotely close to hitting this S rank hero. Flashy Flash is just too far above her level. Flashy Flash wins.

Flashy Flash vs Xemnas

It’s time for Flashy Flash to make his flashy return to the blog. He’s definitely a pretty tough fighter and one that Xemnas would be wise not to underestimate. Xemnas is known for his speed, but I have to say that Flashy Flash is just at a completely different level. Xemnas can’t keep up with this guy and Flashy would end this in a single move. It’s just not going to be possible for Xemnas to shatter his limits to a degree where he’d be able to keep up. Flashy Flash wins.

Flashy Flash vs Zinnia

Zinnia has returned, but not even her will to succeed will be enough to stop Flashy Flash. Flashy Flash is one of the fastest characters in all of One Punch Man and so he would be able to reach her in a fraction of an instant before she would have a chance to issue any commands. Given the vast difference in power it wouldn’t even matter if all of her Pokemon were already firing blasts at them. He’d be able to dodge all of their attacks and land a decisive blow. That’s what it means to have true speed. Flashy Flash wins.