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Hayate vs Ryoma

Hayate is a ninja and so he is properly trained to land some hits in real sneaky like no matter where his opponent is. That won’t be enough to stop Ryoma in his tracks though. Ryoma can move with incredible speed and his striking power is pretty dynamic. Hayate’s sword would shatter as soon as the first tennis ball gets thrown over. He just isn’t ready for the Prince of Tennis! Ryoma wins.

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Erdrick vs Ryoma

Erdrick is a pretty cool Dragon Quest main character and definitely one of the best ones in the series. He has an array of elemental attacks as well as physical moves that he can dish out for massive damage. Ryoma would be wise not to let Erdrick get anywhere near him. Ryoma has always been pretty good at adjusting his play to counter all potential attackers so I don’t think that will be a problem for him. Ryoma will keep winning as per usual. Ryoma wins.

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Sieghart vs Ryoma

Sieghart is pretty strong but that’s not going to phase Ryoma. Ryoma has tennis skills at the ready and he can serve up those balls really quickly. I’d like to see Sieghart try to counter his attacks because I just don’t see it working. Ryoma’s skills are almost literally out of this world. He has no weaknesses in his Pinnacle of Perfection mode which is bad news for Sieghart and any hope he had of claiming victory. Ryoma wins.

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Roark vs Ryoma

Roark has some pretty sturdy Pokemon at his disposal. The problem for him is that Ryoma can serve at incredibly high speeds so sheer numbers aren’t enough to scare him. Ryoma is perfectly prepared to deal with as many shots as he needs too deal with in order to win. Roark’s best plan is to try to separate Ryoma from his racket since the kid will be powerless without it, but that’s much easier said than done. I don’t see such a plan working to be honest. Ryoma wins.

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Bit vs Ryoma

Bit is a pretty tough robot with good offensive capabilities. He won’t be going down without a fight, but that just means that Ryoma will really get to go all out here. Ryoma has a large array of tennis moves at his disposal so he will keep on changing up the serves til he claims victory. Bit’s shield will shatter and he won’t be able to even get close to Ryoma. Ryoma wins.

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Apollo (Wildstorm) vs Ryoma

Apollo has super strength, super speed, and some energy abilities. He’s basically got the perfect combo of abilities that you could ask for. It’s incredibly difficult to defeat someone like Apollo so Ryoma will have to pull out all of the stops here. He’s not afraid to put it all on the line though. His tennis attacks will quickly overwhelm Apollo. The guy’s defensive abilities aren’t enough to prevent him from taking damage so the shots are going to add up very quickly. After a point I just don’t think Apollo will be able to do much of anything against Ryoma. Ryoma wins.

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Rei vs Ryoma

Rei is a pretty cool fighter who makes use of magic to augment her abilities. Ryoma can augment his abilities with the Pinnacle of Perfection techniques though. In this form he can make any tennis shot that you can imagine. While that may not sound super impressive on its own you have to factor in how powerful his shots are. He can cause natural disasters with his tennis moves and his serves are so fast that Rei would be unable to react to them. It’d be game over for her. Ryoma wins.

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Gaston vs Ryoma
Gaston is a tough guy who isn’t above using cheap shots to secure his victory. That may work in the little leagues, but not when up against a true fighter like Ryoma. Ryoma is a lot more skilled at tennis than Gaston is at fighting. Ryoma could probably take him down with a clean serve. Gaston wouldn’t be able to react to that level of speed, nor could he survive a hit like that. Ryoma wins.

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Dudley Dursley vs Ryoma


Dudley Dursley may have turned over a new leaf by the end of Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean that he is strong enough to handle someone like Ryoma. Ryoma’s tennis skills are out of this world. He would easily be able to put Dudley back in his place. Ryoma has more special abilities than Dudley has attack options, that’s insane! Ryoma wins.

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Governor Breck vs Ryoma

Governor Breck is back once again and he’s up against the greatest tennis player of all time! Ryoma never misses his shots and he’s always willing to take the win when necessary. His racket is fast enough to block Governor Breck’s hits and one power serve from Ryoma will be the end of Governor Breck. Ryoma is just too cool to lose! Ryoma wins.