Acnologia vs Rei

Acnologia makes his return here to take on Rei. Rei has some pretty interesting abilities of her own including a powerful transformation/summon. Her tears have more power than most but even so that won’t be enough to shake Acnologia. He was able to wipe whole islands off the map with a single blast. Rei has never displayed such a level of ability and would just really be out of luck here. I don’t think there’s a whole lot that she could do to really stand up against such a fighter. Ultimately this is why she would have to take the loss. Acnologia wins.

Rei vs Ryoma

Rei is a pretty cool fighter who makes use of magic to augment her abilities. Ryoma can augment his abilities with the Pinnacle of Perfection techniques though. In this form he can make any tennis shot that you can imagine. While that may not sound super impressive on its own you have to factor in how powerful his shots are. He can cause natural disasters with his tennis moves and his serves are so fast that Rei would be unable to react to them. It’d be game over for her. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Rei’s magical powers will be too much for Ryoma. Rei wins.

Rei vs Banjo (Rare)

Banjo is a pretty resourceful fighter. He has a bit of super strength which comes in handy in just about any fight. That’s not going to be enough to stop someone like Rei though. Rei has a ton of talents of her own including a powerful guardian who can amp up all of her attacks. She also has a few different transformations up her sleeve which make her abilities even better. Banjo just won’t be able to keep up and his brief invincibility will be too brief. Rei wins.

Waganma vs Rei

Rei was thrown into a cruel world, but ultimately she didn’t let it break her. Rei got strong enough to persevere through every challenge thrown her way. In many respects she is the complete opposite of someone like Waganma who folded the instant he was captured. He can’t fight while Rei was able to survive for a long time in Purgatory. This will be an easy win for her as one energy blast will end this match in a snap. No way Waganma will be able to do much against that. Rei wins.