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Rei vs Banjo (Rare)

Banjo is a pretty resourceful fighter. He has a bit of super strength which comes in handy in just about any fight. That’s not going to be enough to stop someone like Rei though. Rei has a ton of talents of her own including a powerful guardian who can amp up all of her attacks. She also has a few different transformations up her sleeve which make her abilities even better. Banjo just won’t be able to keep up and his brief invincibility will be too brief. Rei wins.

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Mumbo Jumbo vs Banjo (Rare)

Suggested by Sonic Mumbo Jumbo has a lot of useful spells and has always helped Banjo transcend his limits in the past. That being said, he is always best as an ally and not as the main fighter. Fighting is out with someone just isn’t Mumbo’s specialty so he’ll likely just have to give up here as soon as the fight starts. He won’t want to have to duke it out with someone as fast and powerful as Banjo. Banjo (Rare) wins.

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Kazooie vs Banjo (Rare)

Suggested by Sonic Kazooie and Banjo are best friends. The two have teamed up to stop many threats over the years so it’s definitely emotional to have them fight. Both fighters do bring a lot to the table to be sure. Kazooie has come in clutch with his flying on many occasions, but Banjo is the one who brings the power to the team. That’s the way it has always been and as such it will be difficult for Kazooie to stand a chance. Banjo (Rare) wins.

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Banjo (Rare) vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic Villager is a pretty nice kid even if he does seem to have a bit of a dark side within. His axe is not to be trifled with and he’s taken down his share of enemies in the past. While he has these useful gizmos, I just don’t see them being quite enough to overcome someone as fierce as Banjo. Banjo would be able to run through most of Villager’s attacks with his super charge and land the finishing blow. Banjo (Rare) wins.

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Banjo (Rare) vs Duck Hunt Dog

Suggested by Sonic The Duck Hunt Dog gets compared to Banjo a lot because he’s another fighter who is always hanging out with a buddy. He’s good with a gun, but that’s not going to be enough to take down an all around fighter like Banjo. Banjo can fight from up close or at long distance which is incredibly handy in a situation like this. Duck Hunt will not be able to escape for very long. Banjo (Rare) wins.

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Banjo (Rare) vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Sonic Banjo has finally made his debut onto the blog. I lot of people know about this guy even though his video game series has basically been dead for a long time at this point. He’s a nice guy who works hard and knows how to throw a mean punch. A Polar Bear is no joke in combat either, but I don’t think he will be quite able to match brawn against Banjo. The Bear doesn’t have enough combat experience. Banjo (Rare) wins.