Banjo (Rare) vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Sonic Banjo has finally made his debut onto the blog. I lot of people know about this guy even though his video game series has basically been dead for a long time at this point. He’s a nice guy who works hard and knows how to throw a mean punch. A Polar Bear is no joke in combat either, but I don’t think he will be quite able to match brawn against Banjo. The Bear doesn’t have enough combat experience. Banjo (Rare) wins.

Gigan vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Destroyer A Polar Bear us a pretty tough animal who definitely won’t go down without a fight. It can stand up to very cold temperatures and has a good amount of physical power as well. That being said, I really don’t think that is going to faze Gigan. Keep in mind that Gigan is significantly larger than the Polar Bear and has more attack options. He can strike from afar with his lasers or get up close with the buzz saw. Either way that will be curtains for this animal. Gigan wins.

Shulk vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Sonic A Polar Bear is a pretty powerful animal. They don’t really put up with any disrespect from other creatures and this one even knows how to rock some style points into his attire. That being said, it will all be futile against a man of Shulk’s ability. Shulk can see into the future and his abilities with a sword are unmatched. He’ll win this in an instant. Shulk wins.

Hedorah vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Destroyer This Polar Bear is a pretty tough animal. You shouldn’t underestimate their endurance or adaptibility. That being said, Hedorah has the advantage here. He’s considerably larger than the bear and has enough raw power to end the match in an instant. One blow will take the Polar Bear down for the count and there is no way that the animal will be fast enough to dodge such a hit. Meanwhile he could attack Hedorah all day and deal no damage. Hedorah wins.

Bass vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Blake Bass is back so you can probably imagine how this fight will go from the get go. A Polar Bear is pretty strong and resourceful, but it’s just not in the same league as someone like Bass. Bass is massively faster than light and he can end the whole planet on a whim. There’s really nowhere for the Polar Bear to escape to if that happens and he has no chance of claiming victory either. That’s basically a lose-lose situation if you think about it. That’s the fate of everyone who fights with Bass. Bass wins.

Polar Bear vs Riddler

This round of the tournament is rather easy to decide, but still heartbreaking. Polar Bears are some of the most hardcore animals out there. They can literally punch you in the face if they feel like it. That being said, Riddler knows some mild hand to hand combat and he has some gadgets as well. His scepter will be all that he needs to win this fight. Riddler wins.

Kumonga vs Polar Bear

Polar Bears are fun to watch, but they don’t really have what it takes to defeat a Kaiju. Kaiju are legendary because of their raw power and the size difference is also worth looking at. I don’t want to take any credit away from the Polar Bear, but he just doesn’t have a chance here. A single blow from Kumonga is liable to end this match. Kumonga wins.

Terminator vs Polar Bear

Terminator may have lost his last fight, but his shotgun always gives him a chance to get back into the ring! Polar Bears are pretty fierce creatures and they slash all opponents who make the mistake of getting in their way. It’s very tempting to go with them in this fight, but I’m still going to have to lean towards the Terminator. Terminator wins.

Polar Bear vs Villager

Smash Bros is out so we need at least one Smash themed match today right? Well, one more is also coming up today and I’m sure that you’ll see more in the near future. The Villager’s control scheme may not be that good, but he still packs a punch when necessary and he can still beat a Polar Bear! Villager wins.

Polar Bear vs Biollante

Polar Bears can be strong in numbers, but they still won’t be a match for the mighty Biollante! Biollante is a Kaiju of immense power and one good shot would be able to end the round. The difference in power between these two fighters is pretty large and it’s a gap that can’t be overcome by tactics or hand to hand skills. Biollante wins.