Steel Massimo vs Terminator

Suggested by Sonic Steel Massimo may not be the fastest member of X’s team, but he does have a ton of raw power. He can fire off massive energy blasts through his axe which will very quickly overwhelm the Terminator. Terminator has more defense and attack power than a normal human but it isn’t at the level of a reploid. Steel Massimo wins.

Terminator vs Apocalypse

Suggested by Sonic The Terminator is a powerful machine bent on destroying whoever its target is. You certainly don’t want to underestimate this monster. Doing so will put you in a bad spot, but Apocalypse has nothing to fear. His abilities are far greater than any Terminator’s. He would be able to win this match with the greatest of ease thanks in large part to his size changing abilities but it’s also helpful when you factor in his raw power and energy blasts. There’s just nothing the Terminator could hope to do to stop him. Apocalypse wins.

Terminator vs Wiggler

Suggested by Destroyer The Terminator is a robot who is absolutely focused on the goal he is tasked with. If his mission is to take down the Wiggler then that’s exactly what is going to happen here. Wiggler is a tricky Mario enemy but if you think about it his abilities aren’t super impressive or anything like that. He is definitely outclassed in power and speed so there’s no real getting around that. Terminator can blast him from afar or overpower the enemy in close quarters combat. Terminator wins.

Terminator vs Wybie Lovat

Wybie Lovat is a guy who likes to ride on his motorcycle and scare people, but that’s essentially what the Terminator does from time to time. This means that Wybie is no longer a unique character and he will have to fight to live through this round. One blast from the Terminator should put an end to this so Wybie will have to sink through the blog ranks a little more. Terminator wins.

Terminator vs Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is back and he’s up against another foe who has made a return onto the blog. These guys have both dealt with the sadness of defeat while getting the chance to rise above the ranks with a decisive victory here. The Terminator has the advantage in firepower and it would appear that it is one that really shapes the outcome of this fight. Grasshoppers can’t really do much against this level of ability. Terminator wins.

Terminator vs Polar Bear

Terminator may have lost his last fight, but his shotgun always gives him a chance to get back into the ring! Polar Bears are pretty fierce creatures and they slash all opponents who make the mistake of getting in their way. It’s very tempting to go with them in this fight, but I’m still going to have to lean towards the Terminator. Terminator wins.

Terminator vs Black Widow

The Black Widow is back and now she’s fighting a pretty iconic figure! The Terminator is definitely stronger than the average human and a single hit from his shotgun would mean instant death for the Black Widow. Luckily, she is very quick and a good hit from her Widow’s Sting would also shut him down. The Terminator’s lack of speed is what gets him here and he’ll have to take the loss. Black Widow wins.

Cyborg vs Terminator

Terminator is a pretty legendary figure and many remember him as the ultimate Cyborg. Of course Cyborg might have a thing or two to say about that! He can fire a powerful blast from his cannon and it’s capable of dealing some intense damage to the Terminator. It’s just not something that the Terminator will be able to bounce back from. The Terminator wouldn’t be able to keep up with him or endure the attacks for long. Cyborg wins.

Terminator vs Punisher

The Terminator is back and this time he’s all set and ready to go! Too bad it won’t be enough to take the win right? Punisher is just far too good of a marksman and with his gun skills he’s taken many opponents down. The Terminator will have to wait for another day to take his win. Punisher wins.

Terminator vs Hulk

Terminator has his guns. With them he can shoot down any being in view. Hulk may be a worldbreaker but he usually lacks energy projection. Of course he still does have it thanks to Cosmic form and takes the win in this round. The Terminator may have lost this round, but maybe he’ll be back one day. Hulk wins.