Black Widow vs Jack Frost

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Frost is an ice fighter whose power level tends to flucuate quite dramatically. At his best he’s honestly not that bad though. He can shoot focused blasts of ice and can even fly. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound bad to me. Still, I would have to give Black Widow the edge here. She is a lot more adept at hand to hand combat and has some pretty good gadgets at her disposal. Frost won’t be able to keep up and without being able to land his ice blasts he is in a difficult spot. Black Widow wins.

Dante vs Black Widow

Suggested by Anonymous Dante is a very skilled fighter whose healing abilities are out of this world. He is able to fight in a rather unique manner as a result. He’ll take any trade since his injury will heal up almost instantly. Throw in his demon mode and Black Widow really has no shot here. Dante will win this match with ease and likely won’t even need to use anywhere near his full arsenal of attacks. Dante wins.

Black Widow vs Wiggler

Suggested by Destroyer Wigglers are strong in number and when they get upset they undergo a Super Saiyan transformation as they turn red and all stats are improved. It still won’t be enough to stop the Black Widow though. She is a capable fighter who knows how to use Lightsabers, guns, and any other weapon. Wiggler won’t be getting anywhere near her and thus all of his efforts will come to naught. Black Widow wins.

Guyver vs Black Widow


Suggested by Anonymous Black Widow is a pretty solid hand to hand fighter, but it’s hard to deal with a fighter as strong and skilled as Guyver. Guyver’s got enough power to take down an army of fighters. What can Black Widow really do against that? Most of her weapons won’t even scratch his armor and a single counter blast will take her down for the count. He’s just getting started and you’ll be seeing Guyver more coming up. Guyver wins.

Black Widow vs Mike Hagger

Black Widow is a skilled assassin who has several gadgets to make her even more formidable. A single hit from her Widow Sting can knock out many opponents. Mike Hagger is a strong foe and his durability may help him resist such an attack, but Widow still has the edge overall. In a hand to hand fight it is quite debatable, but throw in her electric nunchuks, guns, and other armaments and she definitely takes this. Not to mention that she won’t be overpowered very easily as she has the super soldier serum within her. Black Widow wins.

Lara Croft vs Black Widow

Suggested by Destroyer Lara Croft is an expert adventurer he has done things that many would have destroyed many others. She has dealt with every kind of obstacle imaginable. Still, Black Widow is no slouch when it comes to such adventures either and she is the better fighter. Widow also has the superior gadgets which gives her another advantage as well. Both of these two fighters are fairly similar in their fighting styles, but Widow’s battle experience is far more vast and she’s been in tougher situations. Black Widow wins.

Terminator vs Black Widow

The Black Widow is back and now she’s fighting a pretty iconic figure! The Terminator is definitely stronger than the average human and a single hit from his shotgun would mean instant death for the Black Widow. Luckily, she is very quick and a good hit from her Widow’s Sting would also shut him down. The Terminator’s lack of speed is what gets him here and he’ll have to take the loss. Black Widow wins.

Black Widow vs Michael Myers

michael myers
Black Widow’s win streak continues as she faces Michael Myers. It’s safe to say that Mr. Myers is one of the least popular horror icons as everyone else remembers Freddy and Jason. I guess what he needs is a new film, but I doubt that it would be much good. His fighting skills aren’t very impressive either so this would be a quick loss for him. Black Widow wins.

Black Widow vs Peter Griffin

Black Widow is back and now she’s up against Peter Griffin! Peter Griffin is pretty iconic at this point and it’s always a blast to see him fall down the ranks. He simply doesn’t have what it takes to beat such an experienced agent and Black Widow would only need a gun to defeat him. She could also win in a hand to hand fight of course, but having a gun makes things a lot quicker. Black Widow wins.

Black Widow vs Grasshopper

The Black Widow has arrived on the scene and that’s bad news for our favorite Grasshopper! Grasshoppers are pretty powerful when they are in large numbers, but there’s no way that a single one could hope to win this battle. The Black Widow is too quick and she’s very experienced in hand to hand combat. It’s a clear mismatch! Black Widow wins.