Black Widow vs Wiggler

Suggested by Destroyer Wigglers are strong in number and when they get upset they undergo a Super Saiyan transformation as they turn red and all stats are improved. It still won’t be enough to stop the Black Widow though. She is a capable fighter who knows how to use Lightsabers, guns, and any other weapon. Wiggler won’t be getting anywhere near her and thus all of his efforts will come to naught. Black Widow wins.


Bass vs Wiggler

Wiggler can definitely crawl at high speeds, but against Bass that’s nothing! Bass is on a much higher level than Wiggler could ever hope to be on. One good slash from his Dark Arm Blade should end this fight before it even begins. Wiggler drops down the ranks with this loss. Bass wins.

Mario vs Wiggler

Wiggler is back, but he’s back to get pwned. He may be able to crawl at good speeds, but in the end he’s no match for the world’s most popular plumber. Mario has his fireballs and with them he’s burned many opponents down to size. Wiggler would just be another one of them. Mario wins.

Wigglytuff vs Wiggler

Wigglytuff has always been one of those pokemon who was in the middle. He wasn’t ultimately powerful, but he wasn’t weak either. Of course Wiggler is kind of fast and has some good defense, but in the end that won’t be enough. Wigglytuff takes the win and shows the world why he’s so powerful. Wigglytuff wins.