Ichigo vs Brooklyn

Brooklyn has the powers of darkness at his disposal but they won’t be doing a whole lot to stop Ichigo. Ichigo was a substitute soul reaper who could even match up to Captain level opponents. Brooklyn was able to down several helicopters with his powers but that’s just not going to cut it here. Ichigo would be able to speedblitz Brooklyn before the guy knew what hit him. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo vs Selene (Fairy Tail)

Selene is a very powerful dragon who could theoretically end the world through the use of her natural storms. She has vanquished even some of the most powerful sword fighters in her verse. Ichigo would be a different story though. He’s just way too quick to be caught by any of her attacks while his counters would be lethal. Ichigo wins.

Flynn Scifo vs Ichigo

Flynn has a lot of pretty solid attacks up his sleeve. He can imbue his sword with magical energy causing thunder strikes and shockwaves. At the same time, his speed is pretty good. Still, Ichigo is one of the most powerful swordsmen in media. He would be able to dodge all of Flynn’s attacks with ease. There isn’t really anything Flynn can do that would make him much of a threat to the Soul Reaper. Ichigo wins.

Tanjiro vs Ichigo

Tanjiro is a demon hunter just like Ichigo. Their circumstances are pretty different but the end goal is fairly similar. Ichigo had to deal with finding out that he was part demon and even had a third race mixed in though. Along with this came his FullBring powers so by the end of the series Ichigo really just had every kind of power possible. Bleach as a verse just gets a lot crazier than Demon Slayer so by the end of the series it just wouldn’t be possible for Tanjiro to keep up with a guy like this. Ichigo’s just too insanely powerful. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo vs Buu

Suggested by Destroyer Ichigo is one of the stronger characters out there. He could easily take down 99% of fighters in a 1 on 1 battle. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to take someone like Buu out for the count. Buu has the ability to wipe out an entire planet in the blink of an eye. His speed is absolutely massive and he has obtained many abilities over the years. The reason Ichigo can’t win here is simply because he is surpassed in all stats. He is quite powerful, but not powerful enough. Buu wins.

Darth Krayt vs Ichigo

Darth Krayt may have won his earlier round but he’s not going to be able to do much of anything against Ichigo. Ichigo is a Soul Reaper who even surpassed the Captains a while back. A single Getsuga Tenshou would be able to knock Krayt out of the running. No Force barrier or anything or the sort would be powerful enough to stop an attack like that. Ichigo is just in a different league and he continues to grow stronger with each arc. Once the anime adapts the final arc you can expect his feats to really explode. Ichigo wins.

Hollow Ichigo vs Ichigo

Hollow Ichigo was a big part of Ichigo’s character development and just a cool character in general. He certainly got some pretty cool plot twists over the years and they only made him that much cooler. Still, he ultimately wasn’t able to follow Ichigo to the hero’s final power ups so he was left behind. That’s the fate of most characters in the end as the lead will inevitably become the best. Hollow Ichigo will still give him a good fight in the end, it just won’t be enough. Ichigo wins.

Guts vs Ichigo

Guts may be a bold fighter but he doesn’t really have what it takes when you put him up against someone truly powerful like Ichigo. Ichigo is a true master of the sword and would be able to easily run rings around Guts. Ichigo can basically fly which gives him more options in combat as well and all of this basically spells victory for the young Soul Reaper. Ichigo wins.

Areus vs Ichigo

Areus has some good spells at his disposal which is certainly a good thing since his reaction times never really seem to be on point. He’s a good character but one who struggles a lot along the way. He needs to learn that he isn’t the strongest swordsman out there and what better way to learn than by getting wrecked by Ichigo? Ichigo is far faster and stronger than Areus so the outcome is clear. Ichigo wins.

Natsu vs Ichigo

Suggested by Destroyer Natsu is a very powerful fire type fighter and he continues to get stronger with each arc. He has gotten to the point where he is a real threat to just about any fighter. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to handle Ichigo yet. Ichigo has his bankai and has been powered up many times over the years. His abilities by the end are just leagues above the rest. Having a sword also means that his attack range is greater than Natsu and that helps a lot in a fight like this. Ichigo wins.