Saitama vs Ichigo

Suggested by Destroyer Now this is a battle of two of the most powerful characters in all of media. Ichigo is in the highest tier of Shonen Jump leads along with Goku and Seiya. That said, Saitama is easily up there as well and aside from all the lore about being the strongest he has actually showcased these abilities on many occasions now. I do think at this point he has the speed needed to keep up with Ichigo and he’s always had enough power to deal a lot of damage. I see him taking victory at this point. Saitama wins.

Ichigo vs Tsuna

Suggested by Destroyer Ichigo and Tsuna are some of the strongest Jump leads and this fight has been sitting in the vault for many years now. Ultimately I would say Ichigo’s still taking this. He has better defenses and while they are both supremely fast and strong, Ichigo’s just got more options here. Tsuna would need that sequel series at the ready in order to stop someone like this. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo vs Cell

Suggested by Destroyer Ichigo is one of the most powerful Shonen Jump protagonists in history. His speed and power are absolutely insane and he defeats opponents that would leave most people spinning in awe. That said, Cell is still a little too powerful. He’s a very balanced DBZ fighter who has had his share of power ups in Xenoverse and DB Heroes. Ichigo can go far but ultimately DBZ is still in a different league. Cell wins.

Ichigo vs Ginjo

Ichigo is one of the strongest characters in the entire Bleach verse. You could even say that he has risen to the top by this point. Ginjo is a very powerful fighter with a lot of cool moves but at the end of the day he isn’t quite ready to go toe to toe with Ichigo. The gap in each of their physical abilities is much too great at this point. Right now it would barely even be a fight. Ichigo wins.

Ceodore Harvey vs Ichigo

Ceodore has some good sword skills and magic at the ready so you don’t want to count him out but at the same time Ichigo has still got this in the bag. The fact of the matter is that he’s just a lot faster and stronger than Ceodore. That’s a hard combination to beat in any context. Throw in the fact that Ichigo can use his Bankai and it’s all over. His stats get a crazy boost at that point which makes the match even more unwinnable for Harvey. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo Momomiya vs Ichigo

Ichigo Momomiya and Ichigo may share the same first name but they are still quite different. Ichigo relies on his sword skills to take the opponent down with powerful blows. Ichigo doesn’t go for small attacks and usually ends her opponents in a single move. That said, Ichigo’s power is still far greater than that of Momomiya’s and his speed is also on a different level. When you piece all of that together, it means that Kurosaki will be the Ichigo that claims victory in this round. Ichigo wins.

Kazami Jinai vs Ichigo

When you’re given supernatural powers from another world, you always have to learn how to use them. Will you use them to save the world or just mess around? In Kazami’s case it’s often the latter and he never appeared worthy of his abilities. As a result I would have to say that Ichigo was a better character from start to finish. He would instantly take Kazami down for the count and it wouldn’t even be close. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo vs Brooklyn

Brooklyn has the powers of darkness at his disposal but they won’t be doing a whole lot to stop Ichigo. Ichigo was a substitute soul reaper who could even match up to Captain level opponents. Brooklyn was able to down several helicopters with his powers but that’s just not going to cut it here. Ichigo would be able to speedblitz Brooklyn before the guy knew what hit him. Ichigo wins.

Ichigo vs Selene (Fairy Tail)

Selene is a very powerful dragon who could theoretically end the world through the use of her natural storms. She has vanquished even some of the most powerful sword fighters in her verse. Ichigo would be a different story though. He’s just way too quick to be caught by any of her attacks while his counters would be lethal. Ichigo wins.

Flynn Scifo vs Ichigo

Flynn has a lot of pretty solid attacks up his sleeve. He can imbue his sword with magical energy causing thunder strikes and shockwaves. At the same time, his speed is pretty good. Still, Ichigo is one of the most powerful swordsmen in media. He would be able to dodge all of Flynn’s attacks with ease. There isn’t really anything Flynn can do that would make him much of a threat to the Soul Reaper. Ichigo wins.