Ceodore Harvey vs Ichigo

Ceodore has some good sword skills and magic at the ready so you don’t want to count him out but at the same time Ichigo has still got this in the bag. The fact of the matter is that he’s just a lot faster and stronger than Ceodore. That’s a hard combination to beat in any context. Throw in the fact that Ichigo can use his Bankai and it’s all over. His stats get a crazy boost at that point which makes the match even more unwinnable for Harvey. Ichigo wins.

Ceodore Harvey vs Daruk

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty tricky one since Ceodore Harvey has a lot of good techniques but we don’t really get to see him in action beyond gameplay mechanics. Then you have Daruk who is a real powerhouse but doesn’t have a great amount of speed. So…who takes this? Well, in this case I’d say that the speed factor is the main thing holding Daruk back here. I have no doubt that his raw power will be really dealing a lot of damage to Ceodore but landing blows will be difficult and I don’t think he can endure Ceodore’s attacks for too long. Ceodore Harvey wins.