Megaman SF vs Tsuna

Suggested by Sonic Megaman SF has a lot of forms and may be the strongest Megaman version next to EXE. That said, Tsuna is one of the highest tier Shonen Jump leads and his speed by the end of the series was insane. SF may have more raw attack power but I see Tsuna overwhelming him in an aerial battle and ultimately SF won’t have the reserves needed to win. This should be an intense battle all the way to the end. Tsuna wins.

Kafka Hibino vs Tsuna

Kafka has only just started his hero adventure and he’s already pretty tough. That’s certainly a good sign for his future when it comes to power levels but I don’t see him being able to do much of anything to Tsuna. Tsuna is incredibly fast and his power is the real deal. He’s been taking down villains for a very long time at this point and has a lot of combat experience. Kafka’s strength and speed don’t even come close so Tsuna can fire off one of his X burners and that will be the end of the match. Tsuna wins.

Xanxus vs Tsuna

These two had an epic fight back in the day that was pretty neck and neck. If they were to have a rematch now it wouldn’t be nearly as close since Tsuna has gotten so many power ups over the years. Xanxus has gotten stronger since then as well but definitely not by quite the same margin. How do you hope to stop a fighter who exceeded the speed of light a long time ago? Tsuna has gone to a place where most fighters can’t reach and is absolutely ready to destroy any fighter who would try to take him on. Tsuna wins.

Gon vs Tsuna

Suggested by Destroyer Gon is a pretty strong kid but I don’t think he can hope to take on someone as fast as Tsuna. Tsuna has been getting consistently stronger over the various arcs of Reborn and he actually made it to Goku level by the end. Gon may have his adult form but I don’t think it will be enough here. Tsuna’s X Burner will steal the win. Tsuna wins.

Charlene McGee vs Tsuna

Drew Barrymore in Firestarter
This is a tribute to Firestarter. Charlene McGee has a pretty high level of ability within her, but it shall not be enough to defeat Tsuna. He can absorb any heat that she admits and he has a lot of battle experience as well. Charlene could have made a case for winning her tribute, but she didn’t see through the villains’ plans in time. At least we now have a possible planet buster from the 80s on the blog! Tsuna wins.

Zouken vs Tsuna

Zouken finally finishes his gauntlet against the 5 powerhouses. Tsuna is his last opponent and this is another round where Zouken may as well accept his loss from the start. He’s completely outmatched here and I don’t think he’ll be able to hold his own at all. Tsuna just needs one of his X Burners to land and it’s all over. Tsuna wins.

Wolverine vs Tsuna

This is a tribute to Days of Future Past! I’m afraid that Wolverine looked very weak and unimpressive in the film, which means that I will need to give him a loss. This will happen against the immensely powerful being who is known to the world as Tsuna. Wolverine would not be able to keep up with him or endure his immense power. Tsuna wins.

Space Dandy vs Tsuna

Space Dandy is back once again. It would be nice if he could actually become a respectable person, but it’s just not going to happen. He’s doomed to be one of the worst characters in existence and I don’t think that this will change anytime soon. This won’t be his final loss so you can rest easy in that regard. Tsuna wins.

Tsuna vs Graboid

Graboid is back and now he is up against the skilled Tsuna. Tsuna could defeat Graboid with a single X Burner. No Graboid could survive such a blast and Tsuna wouldn’t even need to break a sweat. Tsuna is far stronger than he may appear to be and he’s easily one of the blog’s top fighters. This monster never stood a chance. Tsuna wins.

Tsuna vs Zero

Tsuna is back and he’s up against Zero! They’re both some of the highest ranked characters on the blog, so this will definitely be quite the fight! Zero has his Black Nightmare form and he can use it to fly at pretty high speeds, but Tsuna will make him look as if he’s frozen in time. Zero won’t be able to win this round and this is one of those rare occasions where he’s completely out of his league. Even Goku would have a tough time with a fighter of this caliber. Tsuna wins.