Xanxus vs Tsuna

These two had an epic fight back in the day that was pretty neck and neck. If they were to have a rematch now it wouldn’t be nearly as close since Tsuna has gotten so many power ups over the years. Xanxus has gotten stronger since then as well but definitely not by quite the same margin. How do you hope to stop a fighter who exceeded the speed of light a long time ago? Tsuna has gone to a place where most fighters can’t reach and is absolutely ready to destroy any fighter who would try to take him on. Tsuna wins.

Xanxus vs Train

Xanxus is the misunderstood villain of arc 2. He has 2 guns that shoot big energy blasts. Train has one gun but it’s stronger than antimantium. Also he has the super rail gun which is bigger than Xanxus’s beams. They are both great at hand to hand combat. Train wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Train won’t be able to keep up with Xanxus speed. Xanxus wins.