Zouken vs Tsuna

Zouken finally finishes his gauntlet against the 5 powerhouses. Tsuna is his last opponent and this is another round where Zouken may as well accept his loss from the start. He’s completely outmatched here and I don’t think he’ll be able to hold his own at all. Tsuna just needs one of his X Burners to land and it’s all over. Tsuna wins.

2 thoughts on “Zouken vs Tsuna

  1. while i will probably give speed to tsuna zouken is no slouch not only can he follow mach 3 plus speeds with his reaction time he also can’t be killed by the fire due to it not being able to kill spirits without destroying zoukens soul he will just regenerate even if you incinerate every molecule

    • Mach 3 is good, but Tsuna is over 100X faster than that. Zouken would never see him coming and the fire would still hurt him. While he is disintegrating, Tsuna can just pour on the heat so that he will eventually stop regenerating. Nobody can regenerate infinitely as they all have their limits.

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