Zouken vs Caster

Suggested by Sonic Both Caster and Zouken aren’t really known for being fighters. They specialize in fighting kids and non combatants. Zouken has high durability since he can regenerate most wounds and used to be a big deal back in the day. Zouken has dark arts and lots of summons, but in a fist fight he folds right away. So it’s a pretty close fight for sure, but I’ll roll with Caster here. He is still a servant so he had some qualities back in the day allowing him to be summoned and his own monsters should beat the worms. Caster wins.

Zouken vs Tsuna

Zouken finally finishes his gauntlet against the 5 powerhouses. Tsuna is his last opponent and this is another round where Zouken may as well accept his loss from the start. He’s completely outmatched here and I don’t think he’ll be able to hold his own at all. Tsuna just needs one of his X Burners to land and it’s all over. Tsuna wins.

Zouken vs Slur

Slur is a powerful fighter and she was even able to give Bass a good run for his money. That’s really not what Zouken wants to hear right about now though since it essentially seals his fate. He has no attacks that can hope to damage Slur and he’s also lacking in the speed department. This is definitely a lopsided fight. Slur wins.

Zouken vs Chaud

Chaud is the next fighter in line to take down Zouken and it should be an easy win. He can crossfuse with the mighty Protoman and that typically spells defeat for any opponent who gets in his way. Zouken can try to run, but Chaud is much faster. There is no escaping this defeat and Chaud finally gets to add another win to his record. Chaud wins.

Zouken vs Lan

Zouken is back, but now he’s going to lose to one of the world’s greatest Netbattlers! Lan Hikari is the proud owner of Megaman and he also has the ability to Crossfuse. This really puts the pressure on Zouken since the old man will really have a tough time here. He definitely can’t keep up with Lan and one good sword strike will end things. Lan wins.

Zouken vs Bass

Zouken is pretty old and that’s certainly not going to help his case in this fight. Bass has his unstoppable Get Ability program by his side, which can allow him to copy abilities. He won’t really need it here though since his speed and power will definitely suffice. There’s a reason why Bass is undefeated on the blog after all! Bass wins.