Zouken vs Caster

Suggested by Sonic Both Caster and Zouken aren’t really known for being fighters. They specialize in fighting kids and non combatants. Zouken has high durability since he can regenerate most wounds and used to be a big deal back in the day. Zouken has dark arts and lots of summons, but in a fist fight he folds right away. So it’s a pretty close fight for sure, but I’ll roll with Caster here. He is still a servant so he had some qualities back in the day allowing him to be summoned and his own monsters should beat the worms. Caster wins.

Caster vs Train

Losing 5 rounds in a row can be dicey and it’ll be tough for Caster to bounce back from this. This is likely his last round for a while since it’ll be time to target someone else, but at least he is now a permanent resident of the blog. Train has also reached the elusive 50 wins achievement and that is no small feat. One Railgun will put Caster in his place. Train wins.

Caster vs Vegeta

Caster is back for another loss and he’s up against a Saiyan Prince! Vegeta’s abilities are far beyond that of any servant’s and one Big Bang Attack will take Caster down. None of Caster’s spells can hope to stand up to such a devastating energy attack and Vegeta also has the massive speed advantage if it came down to a hand to hand fight. Vegeta wins.

Caster vs Saber

Caster is back and before we continue the “Caster losing to randomly tough people” arc, let’s go with a quick classic that sees him on the losing side. Saber and Caster had a controversial fight in Fate/Zero that I didn’t agree with. Why was it controversial? Well, Saber was on the losing side and she was teaming up with several other fighters. I can’t say that I buy this for a second since Saber should easily be enough to Caster down. She has the edge in speed and one good hit from her Excalibur will obliterate him. Saber wins.

Caster vs Sasuke

Caster doesn’t use a sword in combat and that’s a big mistake as far as I am concerned. Sasuke is an exceptionally skilled shinobi and even he realizes that using a sword will help a lot in a fight. Caster has several spells at the ready, but Sasuke will be able to speedblitz him all day. One glance from his Sharingan should also be enough to blow Caster away with Amaterasu. In short…this is an easy win for the Uchiha. Sasuke wins.

Caster vs Bass

Caster makes his blog debut with this round and it’s safe to assume that this is only the beginning of his long road down the blog rankings. He is one of the worst characters that you’ll meet in a show and he’s definitely no match for Bass. He has a few spells, but Bass will just laugh as he fires off an Earthbreaker to end the round in an instant. Caster doesn’t really have any speed to speak of so dodging is out of the question. Bass wins.