Bailey vs Slur

Suggested by Anonymous Bailey is a nice enough Pokemon character. She wants to be the very best and has some decent skills, but going up against Slur and trying for victory would simply be impossible. Slur has extreme levels of speed and power at her disposal. She was even able to take on Bass once which is incredible. This match will be over the instant Slur decides that she wants it to be done. That’s really all she needs to do. Slur wins.

Gemini Saga vs Slur

Suggested by Destroyer Slur is definitely a pretty tough fighter. After all, she was able to get some good hits in on Bass after all. That being said, anime Bass isn’t quite as OP as the manga version and Slur hasn’t shown that she is ready to deal with cosmic threats. Her hand to hand skills are good, but they simply won’t be fast enough to stop Gemini Saga. His Gold Armor will protect him well and his attacks will still be as devastating as they’ve always been. Gemini Saga wins.

Lina Inverse vs Slur

This is a tribute to Slayers Perfect. The accent may have been a nice twist for Lina’s character, but this definitely wasn’t her best appearance. She was fooled by one of the hypnotists in the film and she also believed an old man who sent her to a cursed pool of water. She was more inexperienced back in those days so it’s to be expected, but those tricks wouldn’t work on Slur. Lina won’t be able to use her stronger spells since Slur would hit her before she could finish the chants. Speed is Lina’s big weakness and Slur has a lot of that. Slur wins.

Zouken vs Slur

Slur is a powerful fighter and she was even able to give Bass a good run for his money. That’s really not what Zouken wants to hear right about now though since it essentially seals his fate. He has no attacks that can hope to damage Slur and he’s also lacking in the speed department. This is definitely a lopsided fight. Slur wins.

Slur vs Diano

Diano’s final match up against the four female powerhouses is at hand. Slur vs Serenade is already a great match that could go either way and we’ve seen that Serenade managed a slim victory against Diano. I believe that Slur could achieve this as well, but for completely different reasons. Serenade won due to her defensive capabilities while Slur would win thanks to her offense. She managed to take on Megaman, Searchman, and Protoman teaming up and she also defeated Colonel with minimal effort. Her most famous feat is that she actually defeated Bass at one point although that was definitely a stretch. Slur and Diano are both powerful offensive fighters, but Slur’s abilities exceed hers by a slim margin that will prove to be the deciding factor. Slur wins.

Hange vs Slur

Hange is back and she’s ready for another loss. Slur is much faster than her and a single slash would end the round. It has definitely been a long time since Slur has fought on the blog and this win will help her rise up the blog ranks. Hange just didn’t have a chance of stopping her at this point. Slur wins.

James Bond vs Slur

Slur is a pretty powerful navi and she was able to take on the mighty Bass! That’s definitely a feat and it just goes to show that this match will be a quick victory. James Bond doesn’t have what it takes to defeat such a powerful opponent and his gun skills will prove to be useless against Slur’s impressive defense. Slur wins.