Green Arrow vs Hange

Suggested by Sonic Hange is fairly athletic and with her 3D gear it would be tough for Green Arrow to land a hit on her ordinarily. Thing is, even those advantages won’t be enough here as Green Arrow once possessed the GL Power Ring for a brief time. His constructs would be able to easily break any weapon that she throws at him. The energy blasts also increase his attacking speed by a wide margin so Hange wouldn’t be able to come back from that. Green Arrow wins.

Alex Hopper vs Hange

Suggested by Destroyer Alex Hopper is a pretty great field agent or so he thinks, but he doesn’t have the superior tech that Hange possesses. In a hand to hand fight I think there’s a real chance that he could win, but the fight won’t come down to that. Alex will be using his gun while Hange will be using the 3D gear. There’s no reason for either of them not to use these tools. Once they are in play then there is no way for Alex to win. He will be outmaneuvered at every turn. Hange wins.

Pickman vs Hange


Suggested by Destroyer Well, this is one of those fights where I can’t say that I am a particularly big fan of either character. Pickman has a cool design, but his personality doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence. Then you have Hange who is so far over the edge that she may as well be one of the villains. Still, she has acquired some actual skills throughout her ordeals and has made it to the point where she is too powerful for Pickman to stop. Hange wins.

Prince Haru vs Hange

Suggested by Destroyer Prince Haru isn’t exactly a fan favorite character among due to how the Mario movie ended. He doesn’t really have any special powers and I don’t think he can even fight well in hand to hand. He would be very easily overwhelmed by a fighter as sharp as Hange. Who am I kidding, Hange isn’t a great fighter, but she’s still good enough to win this match. Hange wins.

Erwin vs Hange

Suggested by Eric Erwin has always been known as a solid tactical leader. He may use villainous tactics and has never acted like anything close to a hero, but if you don’t mind what methods are used as long as it attains victory then he is your man. On the other side of the field, Hanji has never really been known as a fighter and she mostly delights in attacking people who can’t fight back at the moment. She has some mild hand to hand skills and can use the equipment to slay titans, but Erwin is just a lot better at it than she is. He is tougher, faster, and has more experience. She will not be able to overcome this gap on ability. Erwin wins.

Batman vs Hange

Hange is back once more and now she’s up against the legendary Dark Knight! Batman could easily beat her in a close combat situation since he’s one of the greatest martial art masters of all time. There are few opponents who can even come close to his level of skill and Batman has many gadgets that will make this match a blowout. Batman wins.

Leonard vs Hange

Hange couldn’t take down many normal titans so how would she fare against a mecha one? Not very well considering the fact that Leonard’s White Knight form also has long range capabilities. Hange would be out of her depth in this round and she likely won’t be bouncing back from this loss. Leonard may have won his debut match, but how will he fare in the next round? Leonard wins.

Hange vs Mega Man

Mega Man is pretty awesome and I’m still thrilled that he’s going to be in Super Smash Bros! It was definitely one of the best moves that Nintendo has made in ages. Hange may have a sword, but Mega Man would effortlessly crush it and that would be the end of the story. Maybe Hange has finally lost for the last time. Mega Man wins.

Hange vs Ash

Hange is back and now she’s up against one of the greatest Pokemon Trainers of all time! Ash Ketchum has always been a legend and he’s improved a lot since his Pallet Town days. All he would need is his pal Pikachu to take Hange down. Hange may have a sword, but Pikachu’s gone up against much deadlier adversaries. Ash wins.

Hange vs Gary

Gary isn’t the type of fighter who would lose to just about anyone. He constantly beat Ash at his own game and Gary won extra badges in the Kanto region. That doesn’t just take heart and commitment…that takes guts! Hange doesn’t have that same strength of character and she would be quickly overwhelmed by his abilities. Gary wins.